Being human is a messy business…always has been, always will be. Having said that, let me say that “Juneteenth” is a holiday I can get behind. What? You were perhaps expecting something else from this libertarian? 🙂 It is ONLY because of the history surrounding Juneteenth that has led me to this conclusion. To TRULY understand the meaning of Juneteenth, you should try this link.

If you want to UNDERSTAND Juneteenth, why would you listen to a politician? Read the damned history!

Most of these “holidays” are political bullshit. And, even though the declaration of this new holiday was CLEARLY the left’s pandering to the interest of leftist blacks, I choose to IGNORE that it was politically motivated. I think it’s worth a day’s loss of productivity* for our country to remember Juneteenth. It reminds us of a thousand different things surrounding that time but especially how far we have come since then. Your mileage may vary.

Juneteenth was CLEARLY political. I choose to ignore that fact after reading the history of it

Just a note here: Don’t just blindly follow the government on anything including declaring holidays. Seriously: screw them. I urge you to think for yourself.

Don’t just blindly follow the government (Federal, State or Local) on ANYTHING

Try this: Open a damned book now and then and READ.

Harder still: Find balanced websites that don’t steer too far into ideology (left OR right) so that the history is not fouled, contaminated or polluted with their stench.


*One day's productivity using 2020's GDP ($20.9T/365) = approx. $57.35B -- Check my math on that! Obviously, that's not a fully accurate measurement of productivity loss because the economy is still moving and a lot of people work the holidays. Yet, I urge you to understand the gravity of creating a federal holiday. It is freakin' EXPENSIVE.

United States (USA) GDP - Gross Domestic Product 2021 | countryeconomy.com

Voter Fraud

I post this as someone who couldn’t care less who is in the office; my candidate was a libertarian [still love ya, Jo!].

However, unless there are severe penalties for committing voter fraud, it will continue until it is beyond control. My personal opinion is that people committing voter fraud should be capped in both knees. But, I’m used to not getting what I want…it’s the cost of being able to sleep at night knowing I did the right thing.

What would happen if — like me — most of the citizens of this country stopped trusting that voting was (on the whole) above-board and generally without fraud?

You’d have downtown Portland, OR in every city, large and small…that’s what you’d have.

Here again is yet ANOTHER reason to move to Texas…


Keep Your Head On Straight

Keep Your Head On Straight

Keep laughing ladies and gentlemen. Keep your head on straight, even if you think the world is going to end in a few days. I have a news flash for you boys and girls — IT ISN’T. It won’t be ending at all…even for you folks that aren’t exactly “ladies and gentlemen”.

News Flash: The world will not be ending in a few days. Of course, the joke’s on me if a friggin’ asteroid hits us next week, right?

It will seem like the world is ending for a few days after this election, I promise you. But, that’s because there’s a lot of people in our country that have nothing else better to do but make trouble. They can’t be bothered — like the rest of us goons — to busy themselves with earning, saving, producing. The “change” they want is to acquire things on the backs of those who actually produce. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the majority of those rioting and destroying property are righteous. Although you are obligated to peacefully gather when things are out-of-whack and the government stops listening. Your duty stops before destruction and violence against other people (innocent or otherwise) takes place.

Citizens are obligated to peacefully gather and protest when things are out-of-whack and the government stops listening. However, your duty stops before committing destruction and violence against other people (innocent or otherwise).

We have a few days more before the most useless election this country has ever seen. That is saying something because I’ve lived through a bunch of these and only a handful of those meant anything significant. I want you to think carefully about this: No matter which way it goes, you’ll still be who YOU are unless you have let others make you into who THEY want you to be.

You will still be who YOU are after this election unless you have let others make you into who THEY want you to be.

We can’t do anything out there for those of you who are malevolent and wish to do harm because you weren’t HUGGED enough as a child (or as an adult for that matter). That includes every person or group that wants what they demand at the expense of your freedom, your rights (as clearly expressed in The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights) and/or your hard-earned money and property. Everyone else (in theory) is hoping to keep the United States and their individual state and local areas fair (as is humanly possible), free and productive. The only difference between people with those same goals is their idea of how to achieve those lofty goals.

The only difference I can see between those who want their lives fair (as is humanly possible), free and productive, is how to achieve those lofty goals.

So, a few points based on that idea:
First: If you want to disown or “hate” people who who vote for {Name of your opposition’s candidate for president}, then you need to rethink who you have become. If you can’t look past any single aspect of someone’s character to who they actually are then it is you, sir or madam, who have a lot of issues that need to be addressed; not the ‘other person’.

NOTE: If someone, as a whole, is a douchebag, OK then…disassociate. It’s OK to dump people who you just cannot stand…that only makes sense, right?

Second: If you vote for raising any more money that will go straight to any local, state or federal government program thinking, “I have just solved a problem!”, then you need to do two things: Go back to school and take some more ECON & perhaps some Western Philosophy courses and then take a ‘deep-dive’ analysis of what your current taxes are actually accomplishing. K-12 education and Social “Security” are two great places to start.

NOTE: I purposely did not put links on the K-12 and Social Security remarks above: Do your own damned homework; come up with your own damned conclusions!

Third: Beware of any politician offering free anything and utopia. Although we would like them to exist, those things don’t actually exist and no political ideology will bring a utopia into being. Look around you. This is it. Anything that has to do with human beings will forever be messy.

Finally: Ask yourself if you aren’t doing your own homework and are relying on others that you trust then doesn’t that mean you’re not thinking for yourself? Thinking is not fun but it’s essential if you’re going to act properly in this world. That’s something I wish someone had told me in my teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s. …I’m getting a late start folks, what can I say?

If you aren’t doing your own homework and are relying on others that you trust for that information, then doesn’t that mean you’re not thinking for yourself?

So here we are on the cusp of another election. Let’s be civil to one another this time. Ignore those who treat people as a means to an end. Pay more attention to those who treat people as human beings with all their beauty and magnificence — all their faults and frailties. Move away from politics and move towards your fellow human beings. Don’t turn this election into something it’s not: deeply meaningful.


It Has Always Been Staring You Right in the Face

You cannot change the world unless you yourself are ready for the challenge of life. That person that you brush your teeth with in the mirror every morning…that person has been the answer to all of the world’s ills. It’s time you actually listen to that person. Because that person — the person who has always been staring you right in the face you’re entire life — is where REAL change comes from.

Only fools look to the Marxist mobs or idiot politicians to change things for the better. The change they want leads to bloodshed and tragedy. That never has and never will create lasting and meaningful change (where change actually is needed).

…stop looking to the Marxist mobs and idiot politicians to change things for the better

When you take the time to change yourself into the person you want to be, things around you begin to change in a steady and healthy manner. This is the hardest task you will ever take on because you will constantly sabotage yourself; this is the true nature of human beings. Beware of any philosophy that is predicated on the idea that people are basically good. That is NOT TRUE. People are self-centered and self-involved children until they learn to not be that way. This is what is meant by the “We’re all sinners” mantra of Christians.

People are not basically good. People are self-centered, self-involved children until they learn not to be

I’m still working on ME…have been since October 9th, 2016. I was not prepared for that day; not even a little. There were people counting on me to have my shit together. And, ladies and gentlemen, I let everyone around me — including myself — down so completely that it was if I was not even in the room.

Today, I have a new set of people counting on me to be better than I was. I may let them down still but it won’t be because I was caught unawares. I intend to be prepared. I will BE THERE in body and spirit when things go wrong. And things always go wrong because I’ve finally learned the truth about life. Life’s resting nature is as a horrible nightmare of tragedy and suffering. There is only one thing you can do to mitigate the horrors that make up life on Earth: develop your mind and character. Develop your mind and character so that when the inevitable shit-show arrives, you at least have the tools to try and mitigate the damage.

Develop your character so you have the tools to mitigate each crisis that is part of life on Earth

Get on YouTube and search for “Jordan Peterson life is suffering” and you will then have access to the beginnings of how to proceed from here. Put those videos on your watchlist and when you think you’re ready to listen to that voice that tells you to get your shit together, watch some of it. It is the best beginning to understand life and what you must do to eventually be the calm person who knows what to do no matter what happens. Make no mistake: you will need to go over and over and over Jordan Peterson’s lectures before it actually starts to make sense. When it starts to sink in, the light will come on and you’re on your way. Your job is to keep moving towards that light. Don’t give up on yourself until you see that light.

Understand what it is to be the calm person in the room who knows what to do when the inevitable crisis occurs

These are things I should have been teaching my children but I was too ignorant and self-centered to realize it. If my son and daughter are reading this, I owe you an apology for not being there for you when your mother died. And that doesn’t help at all, does it? If you’re young, learn from my mistakes. If you’re older, it’s time for you to know better; get yourself together because pretty soon you’re going to be dead and you would’ve wasted this chance to change the world for the good.

Here’s a piece of what I’m trying to tell you…


Hard Truths

Hard Truths

There are the anarchists among you. There are the race-baiters among you. There are the opportunistic Socialists/Communists among you. All of them, just waiting for America to fall so they can fill the vacuum with their own brand of hate. Creating hierarchies of power, not competence.

If you are a coward, unable to think for yourself or unwilling to voice the truth. Or maybe you’re lazy or jealous and want status and/or things without the hard work that is associated with obtaining those things. If others begin to supplant what you know to be true with hateful and debilitating ideas — no matter who you are — I predict your world will come crashing down upon you and the people you love; there being no foundation of truth underpinning your life.

Instant Karma’s gonna get you. Gonna get you right in the face. You’d better get yourself together darlin’…join the human race.” John Lennon

But there are other voices. Voices of reason borne by an ACTUAL knowledge of history. Forged with God-given intelligence and common sense that can only come from doing the hard work and attending the only school that matters: The School of Hard Knocks. Because hard work isn’t as easy as just going along with the mob, it tempts you. That mob-mentality had me in it’s grasp for decades. No longer. I hope you will open your mind to the new OLD way of sorting-out the world around you.

“Grow up.” Candace Owens

I suggest that you ignore Candace’s message at your peril.

Are you going to take from everyone and leave nothing of any worth behind? Or, are you going to take what you need and give what you can back to the human race that created you? When you’re dead, the only thing left of you is the benevolent and malevolent things we did for/to others. The rest just dissolves with time.

If you don’t care what happens to the world you leave after you’re dead, you know what to do. Just stay away from me while you’re still around.

Let Me Explain The Order of Things…

Let Me Explain The Order of Things…

Chef Gareth Blackstock (Chef! BBCTV) explains the order of things to his sommelier: “Let me explain the order of things for you. There’s the aristocracy, the upper class, middle class, working class, dumb animals, waiters, creeping things, head lice, people who eat packet soup, and then you.”

I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking out loud on this blog going forward. Having been a formal technical instructor, I’ve discovered that if you teach in the proper way, it helps you learn. That goes for thinking through ideas and such out loud. You can tacitly feel it when you say something that just doesn’t ring true. That helps you get to the truth and learn just who the hell you really are.

So this is the first of the many things that are rolling around in my head (for better or for worse)

I present to you a hierarchy of what I currently care about (in order of importance). The order of this list shifts now and then but has remained remarkably consistent over the last almost four years. I can’t go back much farther than that because that was different man in another world. I will add to and amend this list as time goes on. Nothing written in stone here, folks!

  1. The truth. Because from the truth, springs all things, even life itself. Lies make you weak.
  2. History. The minute we entered history (achieved consciousness) we were able to contrast good and evil. That gives us superpowers beyond imagination.
  3. My son and daughter. Even though they are autonomous beings in their own right, they are part of who I have been and ever will be. They contain and carry-on the DNA of the most beautiful person who ever walked this Earth, my dear Laura.
  4. The love and respect of my best friend and companion in what’s left of my life, Laurie. She helps me be a better man and it’s an honor to be with someone with such a deep heart and soul.
  5. My memories and feelings for Laura Lynn McQuaig. She is always with me. I ask myself constantly, “What would Laura expect of me?” And that is why this comes after my declaration of love for Laurie. “Put her first, Brian.”, is what she would say if she were here.
  6. Laura’s father, Harold. He was my dad and I miss his humor and wisdom. I could use it now.
  7. Laurie’s parents George and Delma. Laurie is a amalgam of everything that is good about these two people. And there’s a lot of good there to be had. Plus, they’re just great folks.
  8. My friends and colleagues at work. When you work hard towards lofty goals as we do, you become close.
  9. The welfare of my extended family. You can’t say we’re exactly close but we recognize our bond and our admiration for each other. That still means something to those who embrace being human.
  10. My political and personal freedom. This is why you’ll never see unions on this list.
  11. The political and personal freedom of others. This is why you’ll never see unions on this list.
  12. Rocky Road ice cream. Whole marshmallows, not marshmallow swirl. Swirl is for socialists and people who hate themselves. Ah, but I repeat myself.
  13. My personal economic freedom and that of my personal circle of friends and family.
  14. The men and women I worked with in the U.S. Air Force. Like with my current band of colleagues, when you take on lofty goals, it makes you close. Add to that risking your life now and again and it makes you brothers and sisters.
  15. The Declaration of Independence / The Constitution of the United States. Two of the most perfect political documents ever written. They have and will continue to pave the way towards true human progress. It’s why people who call themselves “Progressive” hate it so much…it takes the power they think they’re entitled to and makes it available to all who bother to get off of their ass and work at making the world better.
  16. Laura’s brother, Chris. I’m pretty sure he hated my guts. I was always uncomfortable with his ‘In-your-face interface’. He never suffered fools well and that’s probably why he didn’t like me. But he was always more true to himself than I ever was. In his own way, he was his father’s son. God help me, I miss that sonofabitch.
  17. Rectifying all the wrong things I’ve done, past, present and future. It’s important to realize that as humans, we are basically malevolent (evil). No one who can properly think and observe life believes that people are basically good. Once you realize that TRUTH, then it opens the door to what religious people call salvation and what I call ‘Walking it back’.

…more to follow.

An Apology, An Explanation

I’d like to address those who might be angry or dismayed with me for not giving time to preach my political views. Let me explain…When Laura died, a large part (perhaps nearly all) of me died as well. I am not the same man I was just a few short years ago.

Sidenote: Life is horrific storyline of hatred and malevolence with nature trying to constantly kill you; eventually winning that battle. While fighting off all of that crap, you have to deal with reining-in and coming to grips with your own immaturity and malevolence. Color yourself lucky if you’re able to form small pockets of happiness or comfort within that milieu of horror.

So, unless you’re a sociopath, when someone who is a good portion of who you are passes, you will forever be haunted by the time you did not spend with them. You will forever be haunted by the replay of their death scene even though you were not present when they passed. You will forever hate yourself for not being there when they passed. You will forever remember that the last time you saw her, they were putting a tube down her throat and she was living the worst nightmare of her entire life. You will hate yourself for not saving her. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. My son and daughter will probably know EXACTLY what I’m describing. I imagine what I go through on a daily — sometimes hourly — basis is at least analogous to what they go through. I’ve come to realize that these things will only stop with my death so I put them in a box when I have to and they pop out randomly to ruin my day.

But here’s the good news: because we’re human, there is a spirit within us that keeps us putting one foot in front of the other when our world has collapsed around us. There are many ways to explain this behavior. I believe it is primarily the spark of divinity within every human being that does this. An absolutely revolutionary and wonderful idea that everyone has a piece of God in them. I do not approach this from a religious standpoint at all. I’m sorry if you don’t understand; it took me 57 years and the death of my best friend to get it. This was a lesson my dear wife kept trying to get me to understand. Well…I finally got it, baby. I get it now.

And when you understand what is driving you to continue putting one foot in front of the other, all of this political bullshit falls away. All the time I spent spouting my ideology and beliefs was time I lost with Laura. It doesn’t change the way I feel politically…I just realize that it’s time I’m not going to waste any more. I have, instead, traded ideology for truth. So I will say true things as best as I can and I will continue to improve myself and put MY house in order before I preach another word to anyone else. I tried to explain this once to someone close to me and I guess I didn’t do a proper job of it because I was met with visible anger at the thought I’d ignore current events as they are unfolding. That person has said exactly 26 words to me via text since COVID19 started. That kinda hurts. But there you have it…it isn’t an easy road I’m taking, just the right one.

To be clear, I’m not ignoring the political and social landscape. I’m observing and looking for truth, period. You can’t do that while spewing words that don’t have any truth behind them. You need to STFU and listen to others but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you need to listen to yourself. Listen to make sure you’re working within a framework of truth. My filter is now set for truth, not bullshit ideology. I have Laura to thank for that. Truth is the word that speaks and allows life to exist.

I’m thankful to my new best friend, Laurie for helping me work all of this out in my mind and heart. She’s the rock I cling to when the waves are crashing down upon me. Living with her has made me realize how difficult a person I am to live with. I am demanding, lazy, hypocritical and often bitingly cruel with my words. I do NOT want to know where I’d be without her friendship and love.

Will I keep this blog open? Sure…I’m going to eventually need to say something because you can’t just know the truth, you have to speak it and live it to heal people. Healing people is job 1. Start with yourself and work outward.


Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

So I’m sitting here at Toyota Vacaville waiting on my car being serviced, watching the news, drinking a cup of coffee and the news is that some idiot CA judge is forcing any places serving coffee in CA to put a warning up that coffee can cause cancer. …ok… In that coffee is (normally) only served to living people and the fact that only living people GET cancer, I’d say this friggin’ Mensa-candidate CA judge is likely placing a safe bet.

Bottom line: these STUPID, MORONIC regulations only have the effect of raising the cost of doing business in this hilarious excuse for a state and do NOTHING in terms of serving the public good. But I’ll bet this CA judge actually believes he/she is doing ‘Dog’s Work’*

No one who actually thinks for themselves will stop drinking coffee because of this judge’s order. If you know someone who does, you might want to rethink your association with them. Stop drinking coffee because YOU think it’s in YOUR best interest and because YOU’VE done the homework.

One last thought… Paul Harvey once concluded in one of his essays that maybe — just maybe — EVERYTHING has the potential of causing cancer. That resonates…that makes sense to me.

Let’s stop allowing the JUDICIAL branches of our political system to make LEGISLATIVE branch decisions, OK? We’ll all be better off if we do.


* …a play on the phrase, “God’s Work” because in the eyes of all socialist governments, THEY are God.