Why We Suck

This is a report but it pretty much explains The situation surrounding Conservatives & libertarian Constitutionalists.


Welcome Back, Brian!

As some of you might know, I lost my beloved wife suddenly and unexpectedly on October 9th, 2016. That has been the primary reason you’ve not seen much of me here or on my other blogs.

If the truth be known, whatever is going on politically, economically, musically or comically has taken a drastic drop in my list of important things or the things to pay attention to in my life.

While I’m still dealing with the loss of my life-partner and dearest friend, I am beginning to again pay attention to happenings around the United States. Having just spent what would’ve been Laura’s 56th birthday with my children: it was a turning point. The only way, I have come to accept (reluctantly), to climb out of disastrous loss, is to crawl towards the light.

So you’ll now see more activity here and in my other blogs in the future, However, you’ll find well-articulated truths from the conservative/libertarian bent, more than mere opinions here. I am not the same person that started Facebook’s ‘Pushing Back‘ or any of my blogs here at WordPress. So, I guess we’ll find out who I am in the coming months together, OK?

Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes to my family and myself. Thank you for ‘tuning-in’ to this page and my other blogs. You’ll see a more steady flow of facts and arguments from every one of my “outlets”.



The Antithesis of MLK…

This is the result of neo-liberal politicians successfully separating us into tribes against each other. These people maintain power generated on our hatred for each other. This guy, however, is pure, unadulterated evil distilled into one disgusting human being. It chills my blood just to hear these words of hate and divisiveness.  To Louis Farrakhan, there is no other legitimate human beings except those he personally deems worthy. All others must die…literally, not figuratively. Listen with your head, not your heart and think about how people like this can be neutralized (peacefully).

Even a Young Girl Gets It…

Do you see, ladies and gentlemen? Even a 14 year-old gets it. Unless you’re defending your life, country or property, you’d be in the wrong to hurt anyone.
It can be boiled down to this: If your motivation contains hate then you need to stop and think about what you’re about to do. This assumes you actually think about your actions.
We all know there are a growing number of people in this country being raised by the government to REJECT critical thought and to use their emotions to make life/death decisions. I ask you to reject this in your own life and when you see kids like this young lady, raise them up and praise their intellect. B$

Buckley/Vidal: Best of Enemies

Buckley/Vidal: Best of Enemies

I just saw a documentary on Netflix called Best of Enemies. It chronicles the debates that the then (and now) loser network called the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) set up for the Republican and Democrat national conventions in the pivotal 1968 presidential elections.

They chose two of the most intelligent people from either side. For the left, Gore Vidal, the prolific postmodern author and for the right: William F. Buckley, Jr, the writer and editor of National Review, the definitive conservative (read, ‘Classic Liberal‘) magazine.

This ‘docco’ was interesting, explosive and focused in it’s discussion of the debates themselves and the presidential election cycle surrounding them. If you don’t have Neflix, you can see it here via YouTube. This version isn’t perfect (the frame is zoomed-in on itself, missing peripheral images)…but you’ll get the gist. However you watch it, it is a must-see for historians and classic liberals.






Waking Thoughts

I woke up from deep sleep this morning thinking, “Does it all come down to greed and envy?”

And in my pre-coffee, eyes-still-closed thoughts I set a definition:

Politics (among other quite valid definitions) is the study of people, unsatisfied in their own lives, motivated by the greed and envy of another person’s original thoughts or deeds to control/have power over them.

And as I thought about it more, I realized that any person – not necessarily a person we would recognize as a “politician” that falls into this description is a person that is simply trying to fill a vacuum. A vacuum in their own original thoughts & deeds.

And further, because the act of having control or power over someone is an act that one knows in their own mind is a horrific & shameful act, they convince themselves by convincing others that their motives are altruistic.

There appears to be a pattern emerging from these thoughts. And it explains to my own mind the reason I lean so strongly libertarian. Because if I chose the way of the neo-liberal, Progressive or Socialist (all essentially synonymous), I would fall into that class of people I described in my definition of politics above.

I would hate myself as most Democrats and socialists in this country must hate themselves. They must look at themselves and their lives devoid of any truly original thoughts, deeds or good acts towards their fellow citizens. And if I were like they are, I would conspire with other self-loathing people to…

So now, after finishing the thoughts I had this morning in my first waking moments AND more importantly my first cup of coffee, I’ll finish by revealing my Kryptonite. My Kryptonite is knowledge and the use of that knowledge to form rational, self-evident arguments against any man or woman that would find it necessary to force their will upon me. As time passes, so grows the power of my Kryptonite and my understanding those I use it against.