What One Citizen Owes Another

This ship is about to sink ladies and gentlemen.  It’s sinking on the weight of our debt to other countries that we will soon not be able to pay back.

This weight has killed our space program.  This debt (and union greediness) has moved manufacturing to other shores never to return.  This debt and the government that created it…OUR government has threatened each and every one of us with economic collapse.  Think it can’t happen?  Just sit here and do nothing (that is, act like our Congress) and watch the shit unfold.

I believe this economic problem can be described in very simple terms.  Terms that even highly educated liberals would understand.

It all boils down to what one citizen owes another citizen.

And this is my idea of what one citizen of the United States owes another:

  • Feed and house the destitute and provide basic and emergency medical services.
    • That’s the ones without cell phones, tv sets, XBoxes, credit cards, bank accounts…you know…the REAL POOR.  Not the “poor” as the government defines it.
  • Remove (where appropriate) the mentally ill from society and do our best to help them.
    • Return them to society if that’s possible.  If not…keep them away from contributing members of society; especially our children.
    • Dear homeless:  I think you living in the park is very ‘Waldon Pond’ of you, but you need mental health assistance or you need to take it out of the civilized areas of our society.  Choose one.
  • Remove criminals from society and do our best to rehabilitate them.
    • Rehabilitation should always include lethal injection as the ultimate form of rehabilitation, where applicable.
  • Treat fellow citizens with respect commensurate with their status as United States citizens.

After that, what one citizen of this country owes to another citizen of this country should be a personal choice of charity based on THEIR idea of what is right and just; not someone else’s.

Liberals will note that the following is not in the list of what one citizen of the United States owes another:

  • Retirement.
    • If you aren’t saving every penny you can for your old age, then you’re a fucking idiot and deserve to live your last days as your actions see fit.  Don’t worry, though…we’ll feed the destitute…even the stupid ones.
    • I am guilty of doing this for a good portion of my life but have come to my senses.
  • Education
    • Education is a parent or guardian’s responsibility, not our government’s.  The second the government is involved, it becomes indoctrination and becomes a bloated mass of stupidity.  That includes, but is not limited to, post-secondary educational institutions.
    • Education through LOCAL community, secular or private instruments is the only way to ensure that a child grows up the way the parent chooses.  After all, it’s their flesh and blood and they’re footing the bill.  They should hold all of the cards.  Local, local local!  No one outside that community should have a say in the matter…PERIOD.  Socialism doesn’t have a place in education.
    • Children who can learn but won’t put in the effort, deserve the employment that they will eventually qualify for.  All we can do is do the best to help and motivate them to learn.
  • Employ the employable
    • The private sector creates life-long careers, not jobs.  Jobs are temporary in this workforce.  We ebb and flow throughout our lives finding greener pastures (hopefully) as we mature and gain knowledge & experience.  The only guarantee is that if we educate ourselves and become an asset to be had by the highest bidder, then we will remain employed for the rest of our lives.
    • The government doesn’t create real jobs (or anything for that matter) and prevents people from growing and expanding their abilities by making it impossible to fire them.  Actually, that’s a good argument against most labor unions.  Being fired is the best motivator I have ever experienced in my 51 years on Earth.  It will light a fire under your sorry ass like nothing else will.
  • Health Coverage
    • If you want health coverage, get a job and pay for it yourself.  When you pay for it yourself, it stops becoming “a right” and it actually becomes something tangible.
      • Private medical insurance is available to everyone at just about every level of income.  If you have a job that gets you a group rate on insurance, even better.  Private insurance will only be available until Obamacare replaces it with socialized medicine.  Care will go down, research will wane, costs will skyrocket.  Only the rich will enjoy the level of care we have now.  Don’t believe me? Just wait and watch it happen.
      • Doctors, nurses and all of the other medical professions spend a lot of money to learn their trade.  Most of them are paying back school loans, trying to build a family and planning for the rest of their lives just like you are.  The price for medical care should be left to the marketplace.  Did anyone notice that it wasn’t until our lousy government started sticking their noses into medicine that prices started to rise exponentially?  The rise in drug prices, research, the building of care facilities, etc. can all be traced back to our government in some way trying to control pricing or over-regulate.
      • Liberals: before you utter one more stupid word, check the list of what one citizen owes another (above).
  • Equal Outcomes
    • There’s a reason for every sentence in our Declaration of Independence.  The phrase “…pursuit of happiness…” is key to understanding what makes a world work properly.
      • Governments may try to provide equal outcomes by offering loans to people who haven’t the resources or the willingness to pay them.
      • Governments may try to provide equal employment opportunities (for unions) by telling you where you can or where you cannot put your factories (Boeing).
      • Governments may even try to provide equal “comfortableness” for all by telling you that you can’t pray or meditate in public when and where you want to because it might make others uncomfortable.  
    • Governments may do all those things (and more…a whole lot more), but in the REAL world, your happiness is your own.  You own it.  You control it.  You put the amount of energy you want into it, nothing more, nothing less.  Don’t listen to politicians (left OR right).  Don’t listen to your parents after you leave home.  Don’t listen to your brothers and sisters, all of whom have tons more money and “success” as you do.  Listen only to yourself and your life-mate!
    • The point is, God or whatever deity or natural law you subscribe to has given you the right to pursue your happiness.  You may not be happy, even in those rare occasions when you work hard for your happiness and it alludes you.  If you don’t end up happy, its really too fucking bad.  It is also not your fellow-citizen’s responsibility to try and make you happy.

None of these things discussed here today apply to non-citizens.  If you don’t have a stake in the game, you don’t get any cards.  If you want a stake at something wonderful and magical, click this link.

So…what does one citizen owe another?  It ends up the answer is not much and a lot.  Now log off and go to work.



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