Blame Game Starts

Liberal rule #1: Deflect all blame to your greatest enemy and hope if you say it enough and the compliant media repeats it enough that some of it will stick so they can keep their jobs.

That crap is not going to fly anymore:  2012.

Liberals should fear 2012.  Your savior will no longer be in charge.  One term prez.  Not the first black president, but the first president that couldn’t lead well enough to get our government’s shit together for one flippin’ crisis.  The first downgrade prez…unfair as that might be.  The first downgrade congress…and they KNEW this was going to happen.  Just like they know what’s coming down the line.  You bastards KNEW this was the consequence for your deficit spending.

Conservatives: It’s time to take back the country from idiots who can’t govern their way out of a paper bag.



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