Shovel Ready

The government doesn’t create any permanent, self-sustaining jobs.  They create more parasites to feed off of your taxes.  This isn’t to say that all government jobs aren’t necessary.  It IS to say that most of them AREN’T necessary.

However, most certainly unionizing federal workers was the most destructive idea ever brought forth by the liberal mindset in this country. The idea is to put people to work who are dependent on your continued existence in congress.  You ‘pay-off’ their unions with federal dollars…”shovel ready” funds, if you will …their unions then back you for reelection. The Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata baby.

I don’t understand why anyone who has just a little knowledge of the basic economics of this country expected anything else but the failure of any stimulus or bailout.  How ignorant, stupid or naive do you have to be?  Bush or Obama…they were both either stupid and/or knew exactly what they were buying when they bled us dry.  Every time socialists try and modify our economy via Keynesian methods, it makes things worse for all of us.  I see clearly it is a step toward pure socialism.  You know, the type that’s doing so EFFing well in the European “Union” right now.


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