Verizon challenges new US rules on net neutrality | Technology |

Verizon challenges new US rules on net neutrality | Technology |

I apologize for  the long-windedness of this post…when I get on a rant…wellllll…you know. <grin>

I wasn’t sure where to put this…technicalbrian or politicalbrian.  In the end, it belongs here because this is basically an assault on the free market by the US government (once again).  I’ll explain:

The “Net Nutrality” rules seek to keep private companies from favoring one service or innovation over another.  Whoever wrote these rules are idiots of the flippin’ highest order.  I think that the FCC should never have any jurisdiction on the internet.  They need to EFF OFF.

If left to the free market, this situation would fix itself.  A fictional example: has just come up with a free cloud printing solution for all mobile phones.  Now you can print what you want from your iPhone, iPad, etc. to any printer you wish.  Verizon doesn’t like this because they’re developing their own solution and blocks this service.  AT&T let’s this service work on their network and advertises to draw customers.

People will begin to drop Verizon and move to AT&T for this functionality.  The move is gradual and hard to track …but they will move.

In a truly free society, the market chooses what lives and what dies.  This is the ultimate freedom for consumers and the ultimate fear of every company.  I think the second-most feared thing of any communications company is to have the perception (real or imagined) that they block any kind of traffic; legal or otherwise.  This is why they never EVER intentionally let it go public that they block any type of traffic.  It’s always some asshole like myself that notices that my VPN doesn’t work (AT&T) or why bit-torrents are throttled even though I pay a premium for unlimited bandwidth (Comcast).

There are three things in the free market of consumer electronics (IMHO) that make or break a company:

  • Price is the biggest factor, followed by
  • Features and then
  • Perceptions that the tech is either cool (playing to the ego) or incredibly sexy geek (playing to our inner geek).

To this date, only one company, Apple, has been able to make price take third-chair to coolness or chic geek.

The FCC needs to go back to keeping track of the airborne frequency spectrum and leave everything else the EFF alone.

If you got this far, I thank you for reading.



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