OWS and The “Can’t Find A Job” Dilemma

This short article addresses the students of  the so-called Occupy Wall Street (OWS) “movement”, not the Communists, Socialists, Unions, Islamic Extremists, Revolutionists or the Anarchists that who are the behind OWS.

Can you imagine what could be accomplished if the useful idiots of OWS took their abundant energy and their parent’s money/welfare check and applied it to getting a job?

They could not only sustain themselves and not be a burden to the rest of us, but also they could spend their free time bathing and perhaps taking a more constructive tack to meet the goals they seek. Perhaps they could start a co-op to help the “collective” or train others in how to manage their money so they can pay back their student loans. They might even be able to actually affect real and lasting change by working to change the things they believe need changing (vs. just bringing down the system and hope something better fills the vacuum).

So why aren’t these students out working at getting jobs?  I will leave you to answer that question…but I warn you…be honest with your own thoughts.  Are they really unable to find any employment or are they unable or unwilling to take any gainful employment until the right one comes along?

If your answer is that they are unwilling to take any gainful employment, then I beg the question, “Why?”

I again leave you to answer that question.

I will conclude by sharing with you that I was at the top of my chosen vocation.  …had the EGO and all the shit that comes with thinking your the baddest Mother F***er on the planet.  The time came for me to leave that job and find another.  Although they were not hard economic times, I still had trouble finding another job in my field.  I had a wife and two children to support.  Did I sit in front of an Apple Store and try and ‘bring down the corporate monster’?  Did I blame someone else because it was hard to pay back my student loans?  No.  I was a driver for a delivery pizza chain.  I made minimum wage + mileage + tips.  We ate a lot of undelivered pizzas at my house during that period.  I eventually found a job in my field and left pizza delivery with my head held high…made some good friends too.  Looking back at that period of my life, I feel real pride.  I learned that there is no such thing as a job that is “beneath your dignity” if you have two children to feed and clothe.  This situation repeated itself a few years later by going into retail (successfully, I might add) for awhile.

I truly believe that if the students of OWS were not given the cushion of support from their parents, their state or the feds, they would have to make the same decisions as I did when the road got bumpy.

Actually, the 99% aren’t the 99% at all.  The real 99% are out there waiting tables or dealing with customers in retail or stocking shelves at department stores.  People with degrees in chemestry, industrial design, computer science, etc…all working minimum wage or close to it until the right job comes along (and it eventually does).  Those are the 99% I will listen to if they have something on their mind.



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