Anger In The Tea Party Movement

I was watching another essay by Bill Whittle and just had to comment on something he said about anger in the Tea Party Movement.

He says that from outside the movement, the left believes that the anger is directed toward President Obama and the Democrat Party.  Bill Whittle’s experience (and mine) is that the true anger (if there is any in the Tea Party) is directed at the Republican Party.  Those silly conservatives expected Republicans to hold the line on spending but they ended up spending us into $15T of debt while growing government exponentially right alongside the Democrats.

Democrats are expected to tax & spend, but Republicans, being the only viable party that even acknowledges that there are conservatives in existence in the United States, are expected to represent us at least a bit.  Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, and Olympia Snow are just examples of these tax and spend Republican turncoats.  Give it up to Arlen Specter that he finally went over to the party he has belonged to in spirit for years.

But don’t give Arlen too much credit: he only moved to the Dems because he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win his seat again as a Republican…His constituency finally woke up to his bullshit.  A funny epilogue to that entire traitorous episode is that as soon as the Dems were finished using Arlen, they abandoned him.  We no longer will have the honor of paying his salary and benefiting from his leadership and vision in the Congress.  I can hardly hold back the tears.

To finish with the salient point in this short ditty:  Anger in the Tea Party isn’t because Obama is black or that the Democrats are being who we expect them to be.  If there IS any anger in the Tea Party, it is for those who they thought they could trust to uphold at least some conservative values.



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