I Have to Support Who?

So I have to get behind Mr. Romney to remove Barrack Obama from office?  Ugh.  Really?  …sigh.

Well, before I spill my guts, please remember these things I hold true above all other things:

  • The government does not give us any rights, they are given to us by natural law.
  • Our natural rights are enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
  • The Constitution is a document that describes the structure & organisation of our government.
  • The Constitution’s main purpose is to limit our government’s power, thereby protecting our natural rights.
  • Government is a necessary evil.  If we were all saints, we wouldn’t need government.  But, we only need just enough government to protect our lives and liberty, no more, no less.
  • At this time in our history, the U.S. government has set the Constitution aside and it is that perversion that we, as citizens of the United States must STOP.  Hopefully, by peaceful means.

OK…now that we have the preliminaries down…let’s talk politics.  I will support Romney for one reason and one reason alone.  He is not a Marxist.  He will be running against a Marxist, Barrack Obama.  I honestly fear for our country if Mr. Obama is elected to another term.  I fear for our country if Mr. Romney is elected…but I fear him less because I am convinced he doesn’t want to intentionally do harm, as I believe Mr. Obama does.

I believe that Mr. Obama, when he took his oath to protect and defend our Constitution, was lying.  He has no intention of protecting our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  In fact, he has filled the government with those that would take our government and turn it into an instrument of tyranny.  Mr. Obama is, in words and deeds, the very definition of a domestic enemy of the Constitution of the United States.

I do not care for Mr. Romney.  He is another big government hack.  But, he is not a Marxist.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that Mr. Obama is sent packing.  If Mr. Obama wins, I will prepare for what is coming and so should you.

Y’know…I have good, decent friends that happen to be Democrats.  I cannot understand why a good many of them cannot see what is happening here.  With one former friend, it is particularly painful to me.  This goes out to my “friend” Glenn D of Austin, TX:  If you think this is about race, then you need to examine your own bigotry, sir.  And Glenn: I actually do know what Marxism is; you apparently don’t.  It is my opinion that you will vote for Mr. Obama primarily because he is black.  And that my “friend” is racism defined.  I am so disappointed in how you turned out as an adult.  Ironically, as a child, you taught this white boy growing up surrounded by bigots the true meaning of the words that changed our world forever.



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