The General Welfare & The Social Compact

The United States Government uses the General Welfare & Commerce clauses of the Constitution to circumvent every other clause in the Constitution.

The real meaning of the General Welfare clause has been distorted by bad precedent.  Bad precedent is where a court tells us the Constitution says something that it doesn’t really say but it does so by distorting the meaning a little bit at a time.  It’s like the game of “telephone”, where you start with a simple phrase at one end of a room and then the last person to hear the phrase tells everyone what the phrase is…except when they say it, it is distorted beyond all recognition.  Unlike the game, the consequence of bad precedent isn’t fun and laughter; it is tyranny and oppression on a massive scale.

Here’s the deal:  We have a social compact with our government:  We follow the law if they follow the Constitution.  They are NOT following the Constitution.  So they broke our compact with them.  What does that do?  It essentially makes the government a tyranny.

Have you noticed how we now talk as if the government wasn’t “us”?  We are the sovereign; the ones with the ultimate power who, under Social Compact, agree to have representatives make law and provide for our defense.  We now talk as if the government is not us and is something to be feared.  The government is supposed to be afraid of us!

So just what are you going to do about it?



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