Fundamental Right

I’m not even 10% through Thomas Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Society” and already my mind is teaming with ideas.

How about the idea that it has to be a fundamental right for those voting for the President of the United States to have a clear vetting of each candidate so we can make an informed decision as to who our next chief executive is going to be? Does that sound like a good notion?

Normally, we rely on the Main Stream Media (MSM) to do our vetting for us. This makes sense: you and I are busy as hell with our lives and have very little free time to get personal histories, fact-check and otherwise get ourselves up to speed on mundane subjects like the economy, education, “entitlement” reform as well as an endless list of other things that either directly or indirectly affect our lives. Our “contract” with the MSM is, “You do the legwork, and we’ll pay you in the form of plunking-down money for that newspaper or magazine, buying the crap you hawk on commercials between news segments. Hell, we’ll even put up with your annoying ‘ pop-up’ intrusions into our web browsing experience: just give us the unvarnished truth about these clowns!”

Newspapers, broadcast and cable media, through the realities of free market pressures, are slowly losing their market share. They have broken their “contract” with us so we are voting with our feet & money. Hooray for free market economics!

Unfortunately, the fact that very few true journalists are actually practicing their craft in the MSM, we are left with choosing to believe the propaganda or foraging through the Internet ourselves to find the truth.

However –and this is the point of my essay– when we, as voters are blocked from retrieving information vital to our decisions, one has to ask if there is a reason for the smoke & mirrors.

So I’d like to ask our current president…
…the one never truly vetted by MSM journalists
…the one only vetted by the few true journalists left out there
…the president that private citizens such as myself have spent our rare free moments trying to understand

…I want to ask him, “Sir, why can’t I see your college transcripts?”

You see, Mr. President, I have been trying to understand what your background and training has been in economic theory and practice. So far in my own studies of economics and my parallel study of your administration’s economic actions, my discoveries are leading me to believe that you either:

a. Don’t know anything about how a market economy works.
b. You (and those you’ve surrounded yourself with) are part of the intelligentsia who pretend to know about economics based on some other “intellectual’s” theories.
c. You have been trained in economic theories that are antithetic to our proven market economy.
d. You are a fool. {For the record, I, for one, do not take you or your entourage as fools, sir}.
e. Any mixture of items a through c.

I’m just a know-nothing, self-educated, middle class slob that in your eyes isn’t even worthy to lick your boots. But my trump card is that I’m a free-thinking citizen of this nation and I have rights that I will never relinquish to the likes of you or any other person or government. You see, I’m your worst fucking nightmare, Mr. President: I’m not a coward and I am not afraid of you or your goons.

So, as a citizen of our great nation, I ask you, Mr. President, to stop the lying & hiding and open your educational transcripts to the light of day. Do this so that we may make an informed decision about allowing you to serve a second term. Do this, because that is what honorable men with nothing to hide would do.



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