The Real Reason I Oppose Obama

OK…I admit it.  Time to put on my white hood and come out of the closet.

I don’t oppose Barack Obama and his administration because they are far-left, liberal, race-baiting, capitalist-hating, economy-ruining, America-loathing, nanny-state-creating, narcissistic, progressive bastards.

I don’t oppose him because he is the antithesis of everything I believe in.

I don’t oppose him because, if allowed to operate unopposed, I believe he would destroy this Constitutionally-backed, representative republic and turn it into some kind of European-styled “utopia” that would create a virus of mediocrity and self-destruction that would create the inevitable “Greek Tragedy” we see playing out today.

Yes, I know that MLK, George Washington Carver, Thomas Sowell and Frederick Douglas are all heroes of mine…but President Obama must be a special kind of black.  He must be…why would I oppose him?

No..Axelrod, MSNBC, and the New York Times are right.  I oppose Barack Obama because he is black.  What other possible motivation could I possibly have?

You stupid fu**ing idiots.



3 thoughts on “The Real Reason I Oppose Obama

  1. just another contraction for your self-flagellation – Obama is ALSO WHITE! In the Jewish culture it is the MOTHER that decides what you really are!

  2. Kay, that reminds me of that scene in Lethal Weapon II when Murtogh goes into the South African embassy looking to become a citizen and the clerk responds with amazement, “But…but you’re black.”

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