Cass Sunstein – Madcap

Heard the other day that Cass Sunstein, president Obama’s person in charge of creating convoluted, hard-to-remove regulations to control us with… you know, generally doing whatever he can to circumvent the rule of law and pissing on my Constitution… …that guy.

This piece of sh** is now moving back to  (nose up in the air) …Hah-Vad (Harvard) Law School to become the Felix Frankfurter Chair and a prof of “Behavioral Economics”.

Stop and think of what the “discipline” of “Behavioral Economics” encompasses.  Now I’m just a simple country hyperchicken from a backwoods asteroid, but after watching this short Duke University video to explain what behavioral economics is; I’m absolutely frightened out of my mind.  Just listen to the ‘social justice’ key words that are thrown-in casually from Professor Dan Ariely as he explains the discipline.

It sounds a lot like looking beyond the science of Economics and learning how to create & justify policy to control people through economic and regulatory pressures.   If I’ve learned anything from my hero of economics, Thomas Sowell, it’s that profit and loss takes care of rational and irrational behavior in a very Darwinian way.  If you make irrational economic decisions, then you will go bankrupt, unless the government bails your stupid ass out.  I am just a layman of economic theory, but I believe I have that part down.

Doesn’t behavioral economics sound like exactly what Cassy-boy has been practicing in the Obama regime?  Only now he’s going to teach empty little ivy-league minds how to do it.  A legacy, if you will.  Leaving behind instructions on how to lay waste to every good and decent thing that this country has ever been or done in its short existence.

And just who is this Oscar Meyer Weiner…uh…I mean Felix Frankfurter.  After a reading a few short bursts, at first glance he appears to be a progressive hack who made it into the Supreme Court during the early 20th century.  He was as ga-ga over Teddy Roosevelt as Chris Matthews is over the greatest, most perfect person ever created…the leg-tingling Barry Obama.  But I digress: my first impression of the Frankfurter is a justice that did everything he could to cozy up to other justices to persuade them to vote his way.  I want to caution you, this is only a first-impression…haven’t read a complete bio on this guy.

At first blush, it sounds like Cass Sunstein’s ass is the perfect fit for the Felix Frankfurter chair.  This all reminds me of a sign I saw on the internet…only they were talking about Columbia University.  I think it can easily be applied to Harvard Law and Business.

Columbia or perhaps Harvard?
Columbia or Perhaps Harvard?

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