Mitt Romney says he didn’t inherit money from his parents

At about 34 minutes into StratLounge 10, an informal video blog by the suave and debonair Bill Whittle <I can see him grinning at that statement>, Bill discusses the possibility that Romney gave away any inheritance from his father’s “fortune” and made it on his own.  In truth… …according to the following article at Politifact, the ‘Mitt-Meister’ had already made it on his own when his father passed away at age 88.  He did receive an amount from his father’s estate and turned it over to Brigham Young University in his father’s name.  …rich folk do this all the time in order to get a building named for them…a legacy to be remembered and to give to that which made them who they are, etc, etc. …actually a cool thing if you think about it.

So, technically, Mitt Romney is a lying sonofabitch and should be stoned because he DID inherit daddy warbucks.  On the other hand, he can claim altruism …I’ll wait while those educated in California look that word up.

{Final Jeopardy Music Playing}

Here’s the entire article…its a good read.

PolitiFact | Mitt Romney says he didn’t inherit money from his parents.


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