Now I’m REALLY Pissed!

What a Load of Freshly-Excreted Bovine Waste Material

In this article, Hillary “Don’t call me Hill” Clinton is trying to warn African nations that China is “exploiting” them for their resources.

This is just TYPICAL…just bloody TYPICAL.  I don’t recall any Chinese troops invading Africa…did I miss a news report from PMSNBC?  In his books, Basic Economics, 2nd Edition & Economic Facts and Fallacies, Thomas Sowell explains that if any exploiting is done when trading with Africa, the exploitation usually comes from within.

Hello?  China is trading with these countries.  Remember what TRADE means Hill, you liberal idiot?  It means both parties make an agreement to swap goods.  Trade doesn’t usually happen unless it is beneficial to both sides of the agreement.  Now trade can happen when you have a gun to someone’s head…that is, troops on the ground.  But, this isn’t the case with China & Africa.

FACT: There are no governments in the world more corrupt than those in Africa.  It is the very reason their people are impoverished when they, in fact,  hold VAST natural resources.

The exploiting comes in when the corrupt governments of Africa take the money they have acquired from trading their country’s resources and put it in the hands of their friends, elites & warlords.  It’s why charitable organizations don’t just drop off stuff at the docks to feed the starving masses in Africa.  They deliver it personally or they won’t provide relief…PERIOD.  The reason is that food & medicine left to the countries to distribute rarely gets to it’s intended audience because it goes to the government, their armies, their friends, their elites and their warlords …it rarely reaches their ordinary citizens.

Hill knows this and she is not a stupid woman…she just plays one on TV apparently.  The United States has been trading with African nations for-FLIPPIN’-ever and every time I hear this crap about how we’re exploiting Africa for their resources I want to just SCREAM.  Only those that are ignorant or are trying to play to their audience of ignorant listeners play this card.  Now, because China is making inroads to trading with countries on the African continent & beating us to those resources, Hill decides to pull this stupid, fake, liberal CRAP.

Six paragraphs of rant and I haven’t even told you why I’m completely and utterly pissed off:  I’m mad because I have to take China’s side on this argument…that puts me in an anger mode you can’t even fathom.  Hillary, you stupid, fake, vacuous, liberal cow.  I hate you with a passion you can only imagine.  STFU and get into your plane and fly the fu** away somewhere never to be seen again.  Bill won’t miss you and I certainly won’t either.




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