Enter: Paul Ryan

When I titled this piece, “Enter: Paul Ryan”, it was really misleading.  Paul Ryan has been at the forefront of fiscally conservative politics for some time now.

So now he’s going to be Vice President <knowing smile>.  Interesting!  Interesting, because like a lot of earlier veeps the Republicans have picked the last two or three go-arounds, this one is on target.  The exception being, of course, Dick Chaney.

Now my personal choice would have been Marco Rubio for two reasons:

  1. Marco is a badass conservative.
  2. Florida is a battleground state with a butt-load of electoral votes.

Notice how I left out that he was Hispanic from that list?  This is a glaring difference between the left and the right: The left is all about race whereas the right wants the  best person for the job.  …very ANTI- affirmative action.  And yes…we are proud of being anti-affirmative action.

I can here you libs screaming your heads off, “You’re the racists!!  Rush Limbaugh!!  Religious extremists!!”  All I can say is that I won’t cop to the charges that Rush is a racist.  I can only speak to what I know.  I know that most of the lynchpins of the Democrat platform are, in a word, racist.  However, this is no change from the Democrats of the late 19th century (that’s the 1800’s for those educated in California).

I’ll save my Democrat platform rant for another time. …back to Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan could run against Obama for president and beat him on qualifications alone:

Wrap Text around Image


Ryan Obama Comments
Education Public schools in Wisconsin.  Degrees in economics and political science Hawaiian public & private schools, Indonesian public & private schools. Degrees in political science and law I wonder if Ryan will open his college transcripts?
Religion Catholic Black Liberation Theology Catholics don’t loathe the middle class of the U.S. like the BLT church does.
Federal Service 7 terms as a Representative of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District One incomplete term as Senator for Illinois. Obama served a total of 143 days.
Work History Drove the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile & marketing consultant Community organizer & civil rights attorney I believe Mr. Ryan wins this one on the Wienermobile job alone!
Base Philosophy Although not an Objectivist, a fervent follower of Ayn Rand, champion of rational self-reliance and Capitalism Follows the philosophy espoused by his father Barack Obama, Sr and his mentor Frank Marshall Both BO Sr and Frank Marshall were virulent Communists with a capital “C”.
Major Accomplishment(s) Has written a roadmap to retrieve our country from the brink of insolvency Forced ObamaCare™ down our throats ObamaCare™ ensures the destruction of the greatest (formally private) healthcare system in the world.

So…I think Ryan was a great choice.  Knowing that before Obama was president, he really had zero qualifications and would never have been elected if not for a biased and complacent mainstream media, Ryan as choice for VEEP is kind of overkill.  Obama would never be able to win a debate against him.  Good thing Obama doesn’t have to debate Ryan, eh?  But don’t underestimate Biden…he may be a moron sometimes, but when he’s on his game, he’s a good debater.


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