Fear and Honesty

We’ll face your darkest fears after this drug-induced flashback.

[Patriotic Montage]

There’s nothing like fear to drop all pretense and show your true colors.  The fear of a real adult in the form of Paul Ryan has caused the spontaneous bowel evacuations of several Obama reelection operatives.

[bender shitting bricks]

Aside from the comedic value produced by the picture of Rachel Maddow’s head blowing up, [Malfunctioning Eddie, head exploding]

…the most powerful reaction to a liberal’s fear is their tendency to say EXACTLY what is on their tiny little minds. And I’m here to tell you, it ain’t pretty.

To this point, the left has completely come UNDONE:

[clips from the worst of all of the spots]

[clips from the liberal talking head shows]

I think they’re trying to explain why the Earth will fly off its axis and careen into the Sun if Obama isn’t given four more years to complete the damage he has done over the last three [years].  As conservatives, we know that even if we have the big O for another 4 years, the Earth will indeed remain in orbit.  We will just not want to be on Earth if that happens.

To my conservative friends I say…just go out there and sacrifice your friendships if you have to, but get at least 5 people to vote for Romney/Ryan. If you don’t do at least that, then you need to STFU for the next four years if Obeezie wins.  You will have absolutely no bitching rights.

To my other confused friends:

If you’re an anarchist, then you’re just waiting on the sidelines while the forces of good (conservative) vs. evil (liberal) annihilate each other. You may believe anarchy is the best solution but you’ll need to find another planet to experiment with that idea.  All anarchy is, is a power vacuum waiting for a dictator.  I don’t know why I bother talking to anarchists anyway…they only listen to the voices in their tiny little heads.

If you’re a Marxist, communist or socialist, you’re pushing for Obama because he’s your poster boy. OMG…did I just use the word “boy” to describe a black man!

If you’re a statist, then you’re pushing for Obama because he’s again, the poster boy for government control of every part of your life. And now that the government is going to control healthcare, you must be having a political orgasm.

If you’re a union member who actually believes your union gives a damn about you, then Obama is your man for sure. Unions, understandably, have an obligation to do everything they can to fuel their insatiable lust for power and control even if it goes against their member’s beliefs or principles. Remember my unionized brothers and sisters: your influence ends the second they get your union dues.  You are the Proletariat.

[show scrolling suggested reading list: Basic Economics, 2nd Edition; A History of the American People; Economic Facts & Fallacies, 2nd Edition; Wealth of Nations, Political Essays of John Locke]

But if you know how free markets work. If you know the history of the United States. If you’ve learned to decode and then separate the truth from the lies. If you know that you can do better by doing things by yourself instead of relying on a disinterested third party. If you know that relinquishing your liberty to the government will destroy you and everything you care about. Then you’re obviously not on the Obama team and you MUST vote for someone else.  And while you’re at it, vote for any Constitutionally-grounded conservative with a certified backbone so that the Senate, the House and your state governments may have at least a fleeting chance of undoing the damage already done.


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