What I Believe, Part 1: Preamble

So now it comes time that, in order to persuade, I need to tell you my beliefs.  Although inspired by the Bill Whittle series, “What We Believe”, I hope to give you a more personal tour of my beliefs and will do my best to avoid plagiarizing those incredible essays.  I am just starting out in this field…Bill is a refined talent.  I imagine I’ll need to rewrite this many times over the next months to get it to a readable state.

Writing essays on your beliefs is not a new thing.  In fact, that sort of thing has been going on since man started painting on cave walls.

Not any one of us are going to agree on everything. If you expect that, then stop here and go about your business.  We need to agree here and now that we are a accumulation of what has happened in our lives from birth.  Everyone, even identical twins, are different.

So, I’ll break down for you my core beliefs knowing we won’t agree with everything.  But, I’ll bet that if you’re a thinker, and no matter your level of education, we’re going to agree on a lot of things.

It is my personal opinion that I’ve wasted a good 45 to 50 years of my life, minus the kid part…everyone gets credit for being a kid.  At least I hope so.  Let’s just say I stretched-out my childhood for as long as I could keep it going…and it stopped just a few years ago.  This will come as a surprise to my brothers and sisters…all of whom I imagine are feeling a sense of relief that, “He finally grew up!”.

These essays will be broken down like this:

1.  Core Libertarianism

2.  The Constitution

3.  History

4.  Economy

5.  Government

6.  Military

7.  The American People

8.  The Enemies of America

9.  America’s Future


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