The Morning After

Well…for those of you looking here for the answers of what happened today, I can tell you I will be pretty-much silent today on the subject of the election itself (for now).  However, I WILL discuss the consequences of your actions and by “your”, I mean every one of you CONSERVATIVES that sat on your ass and let this happen.

Don’t blame the Progressives: This is who they are. Progressives think of themselves as elites that know best how you and I should live our lives. Progressives trade their liberty (and ours) for imagined ‘security’. Progressives take from the productive members of society and give what they’ve taken to the unproductive members of society for what they feel is some ‘greater good’. They take what we all would consider our sacred duty to protect the poor and the helpless and turn that holy duty into a monster that creates incentives for normally productive people to become unproductive, sloven and ignorant. In other words, they turn Phoenix, AZ into Detroit, MI. Progressivism is the road to mediocrity and then, finally, ruin. We are now on a trajectory to become Greece and Italy thanks to conservatives not standing up and doing what was right. Again, that is a discussion for later.

Yesterday, a majority of our citizens chose to go off the fiscal cliff. And I’m not just talking about the increase in federal taxes when the so-called ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ expire & the first of the 0.5 Trillion Dollar Obamacare taxes hit in January of 2013 (just a scant 2 months away…I can’t wait!) I’m also talking about California. Where not only did they increase “temporary” taxes (rotflmao) that will end up paying for nothing, but they have also guaranteed that those among us who are the most productive people (read ‘job-creating’) in society will leave California for other states.

It is a fact that those with means are also the most mobile in our society. No one in their right mind and the means would stay in this state. This saddens me, because I now may have to leave the state I have spent most of my life. Those decisions are pending long, weighty discussions with my ‘better half’. If we do move, it will be to a state that will refuse to bail California out when their inevitable default occurs. I want those remaining in California to bear the fruit of their decisions by not being bailed out by either the Feds or the other states. And I hope you, the people of California suffer greatly. Not for suffering’s sake, but to teach you that there are consequences to your actions.

I’m sorry, but good weather is no longer enough of an excuse to live in California. I have to provide for my wife and I have to keep at least some of what I earn. I also have to live among people I respect. After yesterday, I’m not sure I can respect people who would trade their fiscal and physical safety for empty promises from people who have lied to their constituents time and time again. I am seriously ashamed to be called a Californian this morning. I know I’m not alone here in California. I have friends who I love dearly. But politically and morally, I am most certainly outnumbered by people that I cannot respect. So what to do?

This is far from over. And despite a failure of CONSERVATIVES this go-’round to pull the trigger on the liberal vermin, our work has to be re-doubled. You’re not taking my liberty without a fight. Meanwhile, I urge you to have a good day today.  And after today, prepare for hard times. …brian


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