Now At Step 5

It wasn’t until I lashed out at my good friend G. about her voting for Obama that I realized I was grieving and that I must be in the ANGER step of loss & grief. I issued an apology and immediately shut my mouth. I realize she’s probably pretty pissed at me. But if she’s a real friend, she’ll accept my apology and put it behind us. …film at 11.

Not being one to grieve much, I had forgotten when you are losing something you care for very dearly – in this case, the liberty and freedom my country literally INVENTED – you’re bound to go through a grieving cycle.

When I lashed out in anger at my friend on Facebook, I was unaware I was in Step 2: ANGER. Let me just say that for a short time I was white-hot with anger and here’s the reason: disappointment and frustration. Disappointment that obviously intelligent people are – without realizing it – socialists. When you realize that people you care about actually want a European form of socialism in the US, it breaks your heart in two. You’re also in disbelief that they can’t see it in themselves. My frustration comes from the fact I gave up a good portion of my life for the last 2 years to try and talk reason to people on Facebook and at work. Do you know how frustrating it is when you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something is what it is, only to have them stare back at you and say that doesn’t matter? Are you listening, R?

I just have a question for both G and R: Did you just not believe what I was telling you or did you doubt my sincerity or was it a combination of both? I’m still reeling from the blank stares and silence when I explained the reality of the world as it really is to you both.

How do you reason with people like that? I have spent a good portion of these last two years educating myself. Why? Because I didn’t want to be the guy that bloviated about Marxism and socialism, the economy and the history of our country while talking through HIS ASS. I wanted to KNOW what I was saying was true beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is the lesson of Ronald Reagan. He spent years honing his opposition to communism by reading and speaking on it. I believed that if I spoke from a position of knowledge of these things, I would at least get some traction. I got nothing. Now THAT is frustration.

Well…luckily, I’m past Step 2 and I believe I’m now in Step 5: Acceptance. I accept now that unless other people open their minds to real knowledge, you cannot lead them there and you wouldn’t want to do so. And so what are my actions in this step? I accept that no one listened because they didn’t want to listen. I accept that a good majority of my fellow Americans and the remaining non-citizens that voted are in fact, socialists whether they realize it or not. I accept that my inability to get to them to listen to me was not only a failure on my part to communicate, it was a failure on theirs to listen.

And so what is my next step now that I’ve reached ‘Acceptance’? My answer is that the next step after that is free-form and is a test of character. Do I bury myself back into World of Warcraft or do I continue to educate myself and hone my message as Ronald Reagan did? What do you think I’ll do? …film at 11.

My friends G and R are going to have to learn the truth for themselves through copious reading of history and economics. Or, they’re going to have to watch helplessly, while what I believe will occur in the next 4 to 8 years happens. When they see the results of their votes, I hope I’m alive to say, “I told you so”. Not to be smug or bratty…but just to emphasize that what I have been trying to tell them for the last two years wasn’t out of partisanship or hatred or whatever they may have thought it was. I don’t hate my friends for being socialists or even for not realizing that they are or the consequences of that. Far from it. I care for them deeply and I care for the futures of their children. Futures that I now see are very dark indeed.


One thought on “Now At Step 5

  1. Update: My friend G has accepted my apology and I now realize that she was listening (at least a little bit) and it was my fault for not realizing it. Lessons to be had all over the place, eh? B$

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