Why Do Hispanics Vote For People Like Obama, Pelosi and Reid?

I was listening to Jonah Goldberg talk on Uncommon Knowledge about Mexico and the illegal immigration from the southern border.  This brought the question in my mind as to why do Hispanics (Asians or Jews, for that matter) vote for Progressives like Obama when they tend to be the hardest-working and socially conservative people in our country?

They vote for Progressives because Progressives have divided us and have managed to make special interest groups believing that the government is the only way to achieve what we used to call “The American Dream“.

I think this question goes to the heart of how Progressives have used Marxist tactics from the Frankfurt School to fragment our society into ethnic ‘tribes’ (if you will) for the last 100 years. You see, the original ‘melting pot’ of immigration worked in the 19th century because people who came to the United States were seeking not only economic but social freedom.

SIDE NOTE: Notice I said ‘social freedom‘ and not ‘social equality‘? Social equality is a European concept that strips a person’s individuality from them so they can be controlled easier. If you are an hard-working person, how are you “equal” to someone who sits on their ass all day and does nothing to further their situation? The true result of ‘social equality’ is marginalizing everyone for the sake of uniformity and control.

  • The practical definition of social equality is taking those things that are created by more productive members of society and giving those things to the the non-producers.
    • These ‘things’ can be economic or social. Either way, you’re redistributing wealth and status to those who have not earned it through hard work.
  • Social justice is the mechanism by which Progressives achieve social equality.

Social freedom is literally to be left alone to do whatever you want to do. Although ethnic groups that immigrated into the US in the 19th and early 20th centuries didn’t have the same status as the WASPs that founded the country, they were able to achieve a measure of social freedom. And it was this belief that social freedom could be found in the US that drew people by the millions.

So why didn’t socialism come to pass in the 19th and 20th century melting pots of the US? Because back then we were all Americans. There was no such thing as a ‘special interest group’. There was social strata, to be sure. But that class structure was fluid and based on a meritocratic view of the world that the United States championed. Immigrants came to the US because they believed that if they worked hard enough, that they would achieve economic freedom and would be left to their own devices.

This is the theme of the true free citizen: Leave me the hell alone.

So now the Progressives in approximately 100 years have split us up into tribes.  And those tribes – believing that the other tribes do not share a common interest – turn to the only thing that they perceive (or have been told by Progressives) can protect their interests: the government. Those tribes have been divided and conquered.

Later, I’ll talk about how Progressives – Democrats in particular – have engineered the black population of the US into virtual servitude since the Civil War. From slaves to citizens to slaves again using similar tactics. Brought to you by the Democrat party of the United States.



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