My Political and Social Christmas Wishes To You #amerrychristmasforsome #newtown

And now, from your favorite non-Christian pundit, here are my Christmas wishes this year:

  • I wish the Arab countries surrounding Israel will recognize Israel’s right to exist.
  • I wish that conservatives & libertarians  & not Democrats or Republicans (‘Democrat LITE’) were in control of the House and Senate.
  • I wish Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher were back in circulation.
  • I wish Firefly would come back to TV.
  • I wish universities would go back to being centers of learning and not the centers of indoctrination that they’ve become.
  • I wish that Speaker of the House Boehner grows a spine.
  • I wish the Men In Black would erase the memory of every Keynesian economist and replace that knowledge with common sense.
  • I wish those that are getting government assistance from us feel shame rather than entitlement.  I then hope they do something about their situation in 2013.
  • I wish Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid really enjoy the money they’ve made as government employees. Who knew you could make millions as a senator or representative?
  • I wish every illegal alien decides to take steps to become a legal citizen of the United States.
  • I wish the EPA focused on cleaning the environment instead of killing capitalism. Those are not mutually exclusive things.
  • I wish every Taliban and Al Qaeda member decides killing for control of the world is a self-destructive effort.
  • Most of all, I wish we could erase what happened in Connecticut.

I know most of these wishes will not come true.  But I believe the point of a wish is to focus your mind to the future you want to create.  Remember that you are the eyes, hands and mind of God here on planet Earth and the future is for you to create.

On Newtown: Hug your kids no matter how young or old they are.  They are your legacy to a very cold and cruel world and they are the ones who will create the future.  Get on your knees before God and pray for the families who will wake up tomorrow morning with tears instead of smiles.  And if God isn’t your thing, close your eyes and just remember the parents and families of those dear children and teachers.



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