One Argument for Our Constitution #politicalbrian #constitution

Most of my mornings begin by scanning the lines of Drudge for news of the day. One such piece of news reminded me of one angle in the argument for our Constitution that we haven’t explored much lately.  I’ll be back in a minute.

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Today, this essay is brought to you by the words continuityinsignificant and inconsequential; let me explain.

When a government is formed around a person and that person dies, there’s always a vacuum. That vacuum takes the form of a power struggle that can be bloody in many cases. That happens because there is no prearranged & clear transition of power or continuity in a dictatorship. But, when a government is formed around a constitution, the leader is insignificant and inconsequential. That’s a pleasant thought, isn’t it? To say that Barack Obama is inconsequential. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? <smile>

So, as I’m scanning Drudge I notice this article entitled, “Venezuela Faces Turmoil as Chavez Worsens“. I just had to smile.  I’m smiling because Hugo Chavez is a piece of human waste and a third-rate dictator. You can always tell the scale of the dictator by how much hot air they blow out. The louder they are, the more insignificant they are. By the way, before you come back at me with, “But Venezuela has a constitution!” I have only one retort: Do they really? Do you keep up with current events in Venezuela? Venezuela is a nation of men and we are a nation of laws. Thank you for your input, you may shut up now.

So here we have Hugo getting ready to check out like the infamous Dead Parrot, and Venezuela’s government & people are going nucking futz with panic. Now as much as I hate the bastard and poor excuse for a president known as Barack Hussein Obama, I don’t wish him any harm physically. But, let’s do a hypothetical, shall we?

BHO gets the bird flu (from a pet parrot?) and dies or is unable to govern.  This is certainly tragic and my condolences go to Michelle O as her ass is hit by the door as she leaves the WH. However, is there panic in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? No. Why? Because the Constitution clearly tells us how to proceed with such an event. It is interesting to note at this point that as much as Progressives want it destroyed, they know that chaos is the only thing you’ll get if you remove our beloved Constitution. Conservatives and most big & little “L” libertarians know this instinctively.

Less self-aware Americans can open a real history book…not the ones they use in California grade schools; one with facts in it…and learn how the Constitution (save one time*) has provided us with a smooth transition in times of loss in any part of our government. The lesson to learn here boys and girls is that the United States of America is governed by the people. Venezuela’s sovereign is Hugo Chavez, regardless of what their Constitution says. When Hugo goes, there will be either a quiet or a very bloody power struggle. We the people of the United States of America are this country’s sovereign power. And as this country’s sovereign power, the loss of our representatives is an insignificant consequence. Therefore, the loss of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, any of Obama’s cabinet members or any liberal member of Congress is of little consequence. They are nothing more than very poor administrators and are easily replaced with other poor administrators  Just one reason to love and cherish the Constitution: it keeps us free by giving us continuity and by making our government insignificant & inconsequential to our daily lives. <smile>

This is Brian McQuaig, thank you for listening.

* Woodrow Wilson – the Progressive’s progressive – suffered a final stroke 18 months before the end of his final term as Prez. and his wife, Edith kept it quiet as she ran the country secretly. I don’t know about you, but that scared the living hell out of me after learning that little fact. You can learn about this and other fascinating U.S. history by reading Paul Johnson’s History of The American People.


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