Sal Khan – A Conversation With Elon Musk #TGDN #tcot

I originally posted this on my technical blog but toward the end of this video, Elon Musk is asked the typical questions about profit motive from the typical California liberal point-of-view. I found his response refreshing and educational not only to the liberal who started with the implied premise that the profit motive is a BAD thing, but he spelled it out in clear terms that made everyone in the audience THINK (including myself, if I might say).

Also on the economics side, he puts the CA government’s plans to put a high-speed rail from Northern California to Southern California into perspective that only someone of his talent and experience can put with any weight.  If someone like myself says its a terrible idea, then you have every motivation to ignore me.  But when someone like Elon Musk says its a bad idea…well then people have a tendency to listen.

I lost count of the things I learned by spending 50 minutes watching Elon Musk talk on “things”. Drop the cat videos for just an hour…that’s all I’m asking… and take a ride to Mars. B$


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