I Am Asking My Christian Twitter Followers For A Constitutional ‘Leap of Faith’ #TGDN #tcot @BillWhittle

From a solely Constitutional perspective, Bill Whittle is absolutely, POSITIVELY correct on this one. In a nutshell: The government simply has no basis to make law concerning the religious or civic institution of marriage.

What is MY opinion on gay marriage? As Bill said, that is not relevant. PERIOD.

Bill didn’t go far enough when he said that the government must keep OUT of the institution of marriage. He should have also said that tax loopholes or any other government laws for/against married couples should be wiped from the books.

Marriage is a religious covenant witnessed by God OR a civil contract witnessed by licensed justices. From the perspective of the law, both types of marriage should be treated like contracts between the two parties. As equal partners, contract law would apply to either party. That alone settles all of the gay-side arguments for government recognizing/sanctioning gay marriage. At that point, it is time for the gay side to shut up.

On the other side of this argument, if gay marriage offends you, (as Bill reminds us) you don’t have a right to NOT be offended by gay marriage. But more to-the-point: none of us have a right to tell others – gay, straight or otherwise – what they can and can’t do or believe. If we do that, then we’re no better than the jack booted thugs currently running our government.

I beg my true Christian Twitter followers to consider the simple, libertarian idea of leaving people the hell alone. You do NOT have to accept them and if anyone tries to tell you you MUST accept them, I will be the first person to tell them to STFU. That dog just don’t hunt in either direction.

Whichever way you eventually come down on this subject, I thank you for considering the Constitutional side of this argument.



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