Intellectual Froglegs: “Lesbians in Space” & other government approved text books S2E4 #TGDN #tcot

In this installment, Joe Dan covers a plethora of subjects. He also tells the truth about California. While I reside here, I still acknowledge that the government here in CA is among the most corrupt and IGNORANT in the U.S. The state legislature couldn’t hit their ass with both hands and a flippin’ roadmap. And don’t get me started with the county and city governments…especially the school districts.

What Joe Dan fails to mention in his one-finger salute to Janet Napolitano is that she is HURTLING towards California at the speed of stupid.

About Joe Dan’s writing: I must say that he is getting better with his writing and has managed to keep the entertainment level up as well. This IFL was the longest one he’s ever made and yet it was still over before I was ready to leave! Great job, Joe Dan!  B$


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