Dear NSA, FBI & DHS: Let’s Save The Government Money! Here Are My Passwords #TGDN #tcot

As a result of reading this article, I’ve decided that since I have nothing to hide in my life and after realizing that there can be no expectation of privacy for using any service on the Internet that I will reveal the passwords that I base all of my security on.

After all, this is a government of the collective, by the collective and for the collective.  And in the words of a young college student I work with, “We must obey our Google OverLords.”

Here are those passwords:

  • TheNSaCanG0F$%^Themse1ves
  • EyeN0LongerTru$t0rRe5pectTheFB1
  • DHS_R-Amer1cAsNAZIS0ld1erz
  • TrueCrypt1ZY0urFriend$
  • k1SSmYA$$EweG00sE-sTePP1ngBasT^dz


I feel better now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to consider the implications of the Patriot Act on our right to be left the F*** alone to pursue our lives as we see fit.  It’s time to have that POS legislation overthrown in the Supremes or just erased from the books by Congress.

Enough is flippin’ ENOUGH.



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