Don Lemon: When Worlds Intersect My Eyes OPEN #tgdn #tcot @DonLemonCNN

It is quite possible that Don Lemon and I may not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues (I’m only guessing at that because he’s on CNN).


You cannot deny that Don Lemon appears to be a well-educated and (more importantly) an intellectually honest man who is desperately trying to wake up an entire segment of our …yes OUR society to their self-destructive behavior.

I ask you to remember that we aren’t Anglo-Americans or African-Americans or any other hyphenated bullsh**.  These are our fellow citizens and we should put them before our petty bigotries.

A lot of what is happening in our black communities is internal to their group culture.  Given that fact, most of the needed repair must come internally.  You mustn’t look to the government or politicians to force some sort of solution: That HAS NEVER & WILL NEVER work.

The best thing we can do is to get the government out of the way and let the community fix it.  When they want help, the black community will ASK for it and specify what form that help will take.  And, to be crystal clear, I’m not talking about listening to what the race-bating pretenders like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton ask for because the only thing they want is to line their pockets.

I’m talking about the REAL black leaders who are usually ‘Uncle Tommed’ by what poses for the current black “leadership” for speaking the truth.  Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas come to mind.

Another colliding world: Bill O’Reilly sometimes actually thinks before he speaks…who’d a THUNK?

Points to you, Mr. Lemon.  I may even tune into CNN occasionally to try you out…and I guarantee that is a certifiable MIRACLE.


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