Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Senior Citizens

It appeared that about 30% of the signers were too stupid to realize what they were signing. If that wasn’t scary enough…the ones that did know what they were signing never think, “Hey! I’ll be a senior citizen someday!” EFFing stupid or just callous…take your pick. B$

End Time Bible Prophecy

People eagerly sign as activist tells them “We’re going to put them to sleep like you would your dog”

Steve Watson
July 30, 2013

A video clip posted to YouTube by activist Mark Dice shows supporters of Obamacare blindly signing a petition calling for “mandatory euthanasia” under the new health law.

Dice was able to gather several signatures for the fake petition, telling people in San Diego that they were signing to support putting senior citizens “to sleep” in order to save healthcare costs.

See Video Below:

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