Intellectual Froglegs: The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy – Intellectual Froglegs S2E8 #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

Joe Dan Gorman takes on supporting the Liberal media complex in this, Episode 8 of Season 2 of IFL.  First, Joe Dan will tell you HOW they make their money.  Then he tells you WHY they make their money and finally he’ll tell you how to SHUT THE BASTARDS DOWN.

Joe Dan also takes on conservative wannabes that neither conservatives nor Classical Liberals. Enjoy the hell outta this episode of IFL which is entertaining as hell…great music BTW!

…and while you’re at it…pass him some pocket change: he needs to feed that damn little rat-dog Chihuahua he shows near the beginning of the show each time. <grin>

As an aside, he shows the head of Obama’s Dept of the Interior declaring that the cornerstones of science…

…is not part of the DOI’s “policy”


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