ReasonTV: MTV Libertarians: Kennedy, Kurt Loder Talk Politics & the Golden Age of MTV #tgdn #tcot @reason

I’m really starting to appreciate Kennedy’s intelligence, clarity (of thought) and (what I see as) her great sense of humor.  When it all comes down to it, there are people you want to hang with and people you don’t care to hang with.  Kennedy is in the former group by far.

Kennedy mentions a Nick Gillespie/Rachel Maddow confrontation on Real Time with A Jackass so I’ve provided two links.  The first link is the longer version that builds up to the moment to which Kennedy refers.  The second link is the moment itself.  It’s really quite educational to see Nick demonstrate how to use Kryptonite (aka, knowledge and common sense to those of us on Earth) against demagogues like Maddow.

Please feel free to go see Maddow get PWNED,  But don’t miss the entire Kennedy interview included the Q&A…she’ll provide you with some … uh … let’s call them ‘tools’ to fight ideologues.


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