Intellectual Froglegs: RINO Soup S2E9 #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

In IFL Season 2, Episode 9, “RINO Soup”, JoeDan focuses his laser wit on:

  • RINOs
  • The true legacy of MLK (hint: its not exclusive to one race; his ideals actually apply to all of us) and
  • The (surprise!) hypocrisy of the left.

This episode really demonstrates Joe Dan’s production values are maturing. You’ll also notice the link goes to Vimeo because YouTube stripped away a lot of the music from his video. If you ask me, that wasn’t accidental that its happening NOW…his audience is growing and the left knows it.  Enjoy!  B$

Oh…and if you value his message, throw the boy some pocket change to help him with production. This stuff ain’t free.


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