California: You Stupid BLEEPing Idiots! #tgdn #tcot

Governor Moonbeam and his cadre of the finest politicians unions have ever purchased have raised the minimum wage in CA by 25% to $10/hr.

The minimum wage…you knowthe mechanism by which you disenfranchise and remove from the job market the least skilled workers.  Not only will this cost jobs but now these people will be compelled to either leave California (which they can’t afford to do) or go on the government dole.  So in one, fell swoop, the CA Legislature and Governor Dumbass have boned the least skilled & the most skilled workers of Calif- BLEEPing – Fornia.

Thank you, you stupid BLEEPing idiots.

And if you ever wondered if there was ANYTHING that Keynesian and Austrian economists agree on: it’s that an increase in the minimum wage means unemployment for tens of thousands of unskilled, California workers. Let the blood-letting begin.

Brian’s Top Ten Cities Shining on a Hill (of Progressive FAILURE):
10.  Stockton, CA 14.1% unemployment
09.  Fresno, CA 14.4% unemployment
08.  Visalia-Porterville, CA 14.5% unemployment
07.  Ocean City, NJ 14.5% unemployment
06.  Modesto, CA 14.5% unemployment
05.  Atlantic City-Hammonton, NJ 14.5% unemployment
04.  Merced, CA 15.7% unemployment
03.  Yuba City, CA 15.8% unemployment
02.  El Centro, CA 26.6% unemployment
01.  Yuma, AZ 27.5% unemployment

Data gleened from here and here.


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