Intellectual Froglegs: The Revolution Will Not be Televised (IFL S2E11) #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

OK…You need to watch this IFL…this is very powerful.  JD’s writing is getting better all the time.  He’ll give you the ammo you need to fight against your enemies.

Topic covered:

  • The debt acceleration since the Dems took the Senate.
  • A compliant media so obviously in the pockets of the current administration.
  • A listing of all of the Dems & Republicans that voted to hand over the 2nd amendment to the united nations.
  • Powerful testimony that was not shown by major news outlets on the Benghazi massacre.
  • Awesome fricken music!

Give it a watch and while you’re at it, throw the boy some pocket change, wouldja?  Thanks.  B$


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