Intellectual Froglegs: Rebellion of a Sheep – IFL S2E12 #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

This IFL contains some powerful stuff:

  • OJ Simpson gets busted for stealing cookies in prison.
  • Some personal notes about why Joe Dan does what he does.
    • Thanks for sharing that, JD.
  • Obama lying…with EXAMPLES.
  • The deletion of references to “free” health care on
  • ObamaCare[tm] exemptions.
  • Wild Bill for America.
    • The power of truckers to wake up apathetic voters.
  • A dramatic reading of Matthew May’s “I Will Not Comply“.
  • The Government “Shutdown” Bullsh**.
  • A clip where our current president calls the Constitution a flawed document.
    • A personal note from me, not JD: Mr. Obama, you can kiss my ass, sir.  The only thing flawed is your perception of how far you can push us, you bastard son of a commie whore.
  • The 10th Amendment.
  • One of my favorite clips from the movie Atlas Shrugged II.
    • …and then the real version of that clip.  Great job, JD!

And after you’ve watched the show, give JD some pocket change, wouldja?  Or at least visit IFL or buy some of his great gear (I love the R.I.N.O. Hunter’s Club shirts!).



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