No Justification Is Possible: NONE. #tgdn #tcot

Note:  In this article, I say “sh**” a lot.  I’m sorry, but I’m just a bit pissed off, actually.

When Laura & I viewed this video, it was with the understanding that we both respect & admire what the police do for us every day.  We ask these people to go out daily and wade amongst the scum of our society so we don’t have to.  I think garbage collectors have a cleaner job both psychologically and physically.

That said: Nothing…NOTHING can justify what we saw in this video.  I watched the point where the altercation started (the mug shot@01:45) over and over and even if she had verbally threatened a life, all that should have happened is another charge levied against her in court.  There were three EFFing cops there and she looks like she was 98 lbs soaking wet.  Did he intend to hurt her?  Who knows?  I’m not a left-wing idiot that’s going to pretend that I know what’s in a person’s head when they do sh** like this.  It’s why I think the idea of a “hate crime” is absurd.

I see four possibilities here, three of which are OK by me:

  • The cops make up some kind of story to protect one of their own and they all either get away with it or all lose their jobs.
    • This wouldn’t be the first time that has happened and it appears on first blush, that the other officers may have filed false reports.  But the jury is literally OUT on this so let’s all try and keep an open mind.  Don’t try and tell me this is typical because I’m not buying that bullsh** at all.
  • The other cops turn (rightfully) against the cop that did this.
    • I know it’s really hard for libertarians to warm-up to authority but I believe most cops are the best among us and the majority of them work hard to maintain fidelity in their work.
    • Cops are human and they make mistakes.  If out of anger, frustration, adrenalin, ignorance, bad training or just plain ol’ stupidity: these errors must be punished SEVERELY if we are going to trust our police.  Because, if we don’t trust them, they are de-facto Gestapo at that point and we then become enemies against each other.  It really is that simple.
  • The woman sues for the the perpetrator-cop’s job and medical bills.
    • As a tax payer, this is what I hope she does, as it will be ME paying for that sh** and I’m already taxed to-the-hilt.
  • The woman sues the bejeezus out of the entire police department / city for creating a Gestapo bastard like this and she gets MILLIONS of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Here’s the article from

Here’s the video.  Warning: OUTRAGE may ensue:


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