Glenn Beck Speaks at #fixupdc #tgdn #tcot @theblaze

This is a short but eloquent speech by Glenn Beck in DC today.  You should listen.  …or NOT…it’s YOUR choice because this is a libertarian vlog and whatever you choose is OK by me. <smile>


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Speaks at #fixupdc #tgdn #tcot @theblaze

  1. Glenn, your speech was absolutely wonderful and true. If the nation would just listen. Maybe we do need a 3rd party and get rid of both of the others…hummm. Bless you and yours and our wonderful country.

    1. Listening to him last night on his TV show, I had to agree: the GOP is FUBAR and dead; we are working with a one-party system. Thanks for ‘tuning in’ to my blog, Diane! B$

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