The final countdown

As Eric pointed out in an earlier post, these ideas/theories dovetail into my exclamation that we -collectively – are BLEEPing idiots for 1. Not recognizing the history of this repeating itself before our very eyes & 2. Doing the deer-in-the-headlights thing and doing nothing to prevent or mitigate it. B$

Eric D. Miller

I am publishing this as a reprint – the Author is credited. I found the premise to be interesting. All it will take is one trigger. Like an EBT shutdown – a debt crisis – a terrorist attack….. etc. etc. etc.


by Elias Seife

“The whole theory behind socialism and communism is failure. In order to install socialism there must be failure. The plan is to fail.”

“People in Marxist societies get either mysteriously sick or incredibly wealthy with simultaneous ‘change of heart’ all the time.”

There are people in this country that know exactly what the intentions of this administration are with regards to the path it is leading this country. The road-plan is very predictable and it has been done several times before, most recently in Venezuela.

1. The amount of debt that our government is incurring…

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