Common Core Math Example

Eric D. Miller

Sally a 26 year old College grad who has a personal student loan debt of $138,000.00 and is underemployed recently received a letter that her insurance was going to data-babychange. Her old policy she likes and wants to keep is $190.00 per month and has a $2500.00 deductible. Because her health coverage did not include free abortions, transgender operation coverage and medical marijuana her carrier had to “transition” her.

Now Sally can shop on the open exchange. The closest policy to the one she wants to keep but cannot, will cost Sally $523.00 per month with a $6500.00 dollar deductible. However, Sally is eligible for a $250.00 a month stipend from the Government to help “offset the cost”.

Please calculate the following and show your work:

1. How many tax hours does a $12.00 per hour worker have to work to offset one year of Sally’s $3000.00 annual Government Stipend.

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