Surprise! NOT: McAuliffe Wins in VA #tgdn #tcot @GOP @SpeakerBoehner

So that liberal ass Terry McAuliffe wins in VA because:

  1. Exit polling was rigged.
  2. La Raza (the Hispanic equivalent to the KKK) turned out because they need the votes for Amnesty…ahem…I mean Immigration Reform legislation.
  3. The Obama campaign machine funds a “Libertarian” candidate to leech-off about 6% of the vote.
  4. And the national GOP abandoned Cuccinelli, even though he was close and this was a ‘must win’.  When I say a ‘must win’, I mean to conservatives, libertarians and classic liberals…not the Republican Party.

Are you getting it yet?  The GOP IS OVER & needs to be ABANDONED just like it abandoned it’s own candidate!  B$


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