Breitbart: Feds Come After Trans Fat #tgdn #tcot

Feds Come After Trans Fats: The Video

Feds Come After Trans Fats: The Article (includes the video)

Why was I 165 lbs overweight? Why was my cholesterol through the roof? Why did I have a blood pressure that looked more like the pressures you’d find in an automobile engine?

  • Progressive Answer: It was evil corporations that put poison in the food. Evil corporations are…um…EVIL!
  • [l]ibertarian Answer: I sat on my ass, chose to eat too many ‘less healthy’ foods & sucked-in too many calories: I am an idiot!

As someone who has just (officially) lost 110lbs (55 more to go!), I can tell you that this move by the feds to ban TransFats [tm] proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Henry Hazlitt and Thomas Sowell are right:

Progressives do NOT possess the capacity to think through any action beyond the first step of the results.


  • Fat in food makes it taste good…without fat, foods taste like s***.
  • You need fats to live…you don’t need much, but it IS necessary.
  • Ingesting TransFats in large amounts IS an unhealthy way of eating…much like eating ANYTHING ELSE in massive amounts that will kill you!
  • Fats in their natural form are unstable: that is, they have a tendency to get rancid over time with or without refrigeration.  Enter: Hydrogenated Oils (or the Progressive PR term of “Trans Fats”).

Why do food companies use hydrogenated oils in products?  Bottom line: shelf life.

Here’s what I see as the multi-stage effects of a “ban” on “TransFats” after Progressives “save” us:

  • Food costs: Through the roof. Why?: Shelf life reduced…mass production cycles will have to adjust to a shorter cycle of production because the shelf life of their products will decrease.
  • Food tastes: No real change.  The market has been slowly replacing TransFats with alternatives as the science matures.
  • Food poisoning: Incidents of food poisoning from manufactured foods, a number that is currently INFINITESIMAL, will increase.
    • However, the market will heal this woe by the destruction of companies that will go under from lawsuits; companies will adjust to survive.
      • Unfortunately, that will temporarily cause an unemployment of workers until they find other work.
  • Freeze-Dried Foods (and other preservation methods): Will become more prevalent; but even some of these rely on hydrogenated oils in some cases.
  • Our population’s weight and cholesterol levels: Will continue to go up…this isn’t going to stop that.  The only thing that will stop people from having weight/cholesterol problems is getting off their ass and watching their calories.  Careful choice in foods will also make the difference.
  • People in developing countries will die: These people rely on stable foodstuffs made in industrialized countries and some are gonna die from hunger…do the math: if you change the shelf life of food, it goes bad sooner and fewer people will have access to it. But hey…we’re Americans…we don’t give a damn if others starve to death…do we?

Just a thought: I wonder if rich Progressives have invested their money into TransFat alternatives and this is a move to artificially make a killing in a market that isn’t moving as fast as they’d like?

Progressives, having short-circuited the “free” market, will have prevented the gradual shift from TransFats to alternatives that the market was naturally moving towards.  Like green energy, they are creating a product that has inefficient and incomplete science behind it.  Allowed to move on it’s own, the market would eventually eliminate the need for TransFats; IF that is what consumers wanted to happen.  Now, they don’t get a choice.  Some idiot in a cubicle will decide what we eat and what we don’t eat.

Our overreaching government knows better how to feed you, clothe you and do everything better than you know how to do for your family.

I’m surprised they haven’t mandated bidets to be in every bathroom because it’s not cost effective to have a social worker in your house to wipe your ass every time you take a dump…YET.

The use of hydrogenated oils in some foods makes sense…right now.  If Progressive morons would let companies & their unequaled capacity for research, do what they do best, when the consumer dictates, they’d tackle this problem completely.  We’d have shelf life, good taste, cheaper products! But then, Progressives wouldn’t have a smokescreen to take away another one of our freedoms, now would they?

However, I’m ending this rant by admitting I’m pissing up a rope: just do a search on Trans Fat or Hydrogenated Oils and I dare you to find an article that doesn’t say that you’re going to die a horrible death from eating even the smallest amount of them!  This mean’s they’ve pretty-much won the PR battle on this front.

Be that as it may, I hope you realize that the info transmitted by the Progressive media about Trans Fat are merely partial truths masquerading as absolute fact.  And I hope you continue to expose them with the bright light of common sense.



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