Intellectual Froglegs: The Madness of King Barry S2E15 #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

Screen-Shot-2013-11-16-at-11.38.05-PMOK…so let me see if I can carefully discern the hidden meaning in what Joe Dan is trying to tell us in this episode of IFL:  Apparently, president Obeezie is a lying POS.

So, you’re going to hear about the lunacy, deceit and hypocrisy of the left.  And then Joe Dan discusses what we can do about it by focusing on the next election.  And then, as if that wasn’t enough, JD takes apart …or should I say DIS-MAN-TLES, the anti-Christian atmosphere of the current regime and their willing followers.

All this and more: including a great mix of outstanding music.  The boy is getting better at mixing his music for mood and subject!

And do me a favor: If – and only IF – you find value in what you get from IFL, please visit his website and toss him a few dollars. I’m tired of having him call me all the time begging for money. <grin>  Better yet, get some of your liberal friends some Froglegs University gear for Christmas.  That’s Christmas, not Xmas.  B$


2 thoughts on “Intellectual Froglegs: The Madness of King Barry S2E15 #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia

  1. Hey Joe, was wondering if you might speak out against this.

    I dislike Obama as much as anyone but we don’t need real Christians affiliated with this kind of nutty!

    I can say one thing, these are not real Christians…murder isn’t allowed no matter what kind of scoundrel you’re dealing with. This is what makes the real Christians look bad, these kinds of Westboro dips!

    BravoJuliet from Politix

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