Intellectual Froglegs: Barackalypse Now ‘Drop & Roll’ (S2E16) #tgdn #tcot @JoeDanMedia

I waited a few days before posting this IFL because I wanted the initial rush to be over and then hit them with another massive wave of watchers.

In this IFL it is revealed: BHO is a lyin’ ass POS: “duh”. This IFL was over before I wanted it to be over…Joe Dan has some clear messages that you won’t hear from others; even those on our side! JD is a fearless SOB, he is! <smile>

All that and great music ta boot! Y’all be good Capitalists and buy the music he’s featuring …this furthers our cause. Remember when The Pretenders got all pissed-off because Rush tried to renew his license for his show’s theme song? Bottom line: money talks. If JD is making them money, trust me: They’ll shut up and take the money. It is in their nature (and their contracts with ASCAP & BMI, I might add!)

…uh…actually…it’s in my nature and Joe Dan’s nature as well! <grin>.

If you believe you’ve learned something important from this video or if you were simply entertained: Joe Dan could really use your help. Pass him some pocket change. We must support the media that refuses to succumb to our would-be masters. Helping out Joe Dan does just that! Better yet, get something MORE for your money beyond the TRUTH!


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