Finally, An Honest Assessment of Nelson Mandela! #tgdn #tcot

Obama-Mandela MirrorSo, I’m working out at the gym late last night and before me on one of the TV screens that DIDN’T have sports on it, was that RIVETING and CEREBRAL TV show, Access Hollywood. I’m watching celebrity after celebrity talking about and praising the god that Nelson Mandela must’ve been.  I say he must’ve been a god, because in the whole history of human existence on this Earth, has no other man achieved what Mr. Mandela achieved.

No other man has provided SO many photo ops for SO many people SO desperate for attention.

The truth is, he was a politician which instantly makes him of questionable character. But I didn’t know the man. There are certainly good people that happen to be politicians.  The politician part is always sub-human but the good person part & their humanity only demonstrates itself during their pre & post political journeys.  A good example of this would be George W. Bush or better yet, Calvin CoolidgeYet the opposite can be true.  An example of a man who has been a POS throughout his entire life, especially after his post-political life would be Jimmy Carter.

But I certainly am on-my-guard whenever I see celebs gushing like they are over the loss of this man.  You see, as human beings go, Hollywood celebrities are among the most shallow of the shallow and most demonstrate that fact on a daily basis.  When I see gushing like that from the Hollywood left, or when I see our Narcissist-in-Chief using another man’s death as an opportunity to gain his own street-cred, I am immediately on my guard and I take my bullshit meter out of my jacket, calibrate it and set it on the table with the switch in the ON position.

I didn’t know much about Nelson Mandela because most socialist-leaning politicians don’t rate my full attention.  Yet most of those people I actually DO listen to and trust are saying OK things about what he tried to accomplish in terms of desegregation.  However, there are a couple of things I do believe about institutional racism.  You can’t successfully legislate morality (that is, what is in one individual actor’s heart) and one man cannot solve the complex problems arising from moving from segregation to social homogenization.

But finally I found a piece that painted the man as a human being.

And would you believe it came from a Communist Newspaper!  As much as it pains me to recommend reading the New York Times, please take the time to read that short piece.

There IS one aspect of his life story that I DO have an interest in, however.  And that is of Nelson Mandela as a political prisoner.  This hits home because I suspect that there are more than a few political prisoners in United States jails.  In fact, if things go any farther to the left in this country,  I may be one of them.

This is why I got nervous when I passed a prisoner bus on I-80 Eastbound, 12/6/13 at 8am in the morning in Dixon, CA with the letters DHS on the license plate and no other markings.

So, while he is mourned by every ego-centric Hollywood POS as a god, I’ll be marking his passing with respect to a MAN who probably did his best to lead his country through a difficult era.  I suspect things could have gone very Darfur had a less-civilized person been at the helm.  I’ll give him props for that.  …and I suspect he’d be OK with that.

But before we move on, words from the man himself.

It was his life after all…he deserves to put his own period on the end of his own sentence.


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