File This Under “WTF!?” NSA Intercepting & Modifying Consumer Electronics #tgdn #tcot

When someone asks me if Snowden is a hero or a traitor, my answer is a resounding, “YES!”  With this article, I hope to prove the hero side of that argument. This article was shared by a fellow patriot who I’ll call “BoBo The Clown” to protect his identity from the NSA & IRS (the financial arm of the NSA). <grin>

As I was telling “BoBo”, I had long had a theory that China had been modifying consumer electronics from Lenovo and other Chinese companies, although I didn’t have any way of proving it. I buy a lot of things from Amazon: if they allow this to happen, I will not only stop buying things from them, I’ll prevent our business from purchasing from them as well.

GRAIN OF SALT: The article originates from the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, which isn’t always 100% accurate. In a lot of respects, they are not unlike our NY Times: They color stories when they have an agenda to satisfy…and the Deutschers ARE a bit pissed about the NSA spying on them.

Most poignant quote from the article:

After witnessing these lies and the truth of the American government’s apparently predatory behavior against its allies and its own people, it’s going to be pretty hard for ally states to believe anything the U.S. says on cybersecurity from here on out — the trust has been fatally betrayed.


3 thoughts on “File This Under “WTF!?” NSA Intercepting & Modifying Consumer Electronics #tgdn #tcot

  1. Brian – it has gotten so bad that I no longer give credence to news I hear from trusted sources. I can no longer be sure that propaganda is not the real energy behind many stories and news agencies are blind to it.

    I have a degree in Computer Science and have sold two successful technology companies. The last of which was a pioneer in cloud computing. Be sure that all you do is monitored. Be sure that all you see may not be real. This world is getting smaller and smaller by the keystroke !

    Ever see the movie The Truman Show – well welcome to it my friend ! Eject while you still can.

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