Just a Small Libertarian Rant on Gay/Straight Marriage #tgdn #tcot

Equal rights but NO special privileges above others.

I think that now would be a good time for me to say that the government should get the EFF out of civil unions and marriage totally. And you may detect a bit of an angry tone. That’s because I get pissed when people tell me what I must and must not believe. Nothing gets me angrier.

Who gives a damn who or what “recognizes” any union between two consenting adults? If YOU do, then you really need to consider the fact that you’re an asshole.

SERIOUSLY: If there’s a church out there that wants to marry same-sex couples we need to back the hell off.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: If there’s anyone that, via their beliefs, chooses not to condone it within their church or even their personal lives then may I suggest that everyone needs to mind their own friggin’ business.

Freedom of association means that you can choose who you want to and who you DON’T want to associate with.

Contrary to the standard Progressive asshole‘s beliefs, they do NOT have the right to stick their nose in my business and vice-versa.

Both sides of this stupid argument need to seriously stop telling me what I must and must not tolerate, do or believe.  I’m much rather park my foot in your ass than listen to you trying to control anyone but yourself.

The first step is removing the government from our personal lives: Remove all tax incentives for or against married couples/unions and…

…apply the damned 14th Amendment by ignoring people’s married status EQUALLY.

<pant,pant>… I’m OK now.



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