The VA Hospital Scandal: A Solution #tgdn #tcot


More liberal rubbish…If you want to actually KNOW what you’re talking about, here’s a good summary of the FACTS. If you don’t want to know the facts, please go here. However, this brings up a pretty good subject on this Memorial Day weekend that has been TAINTED with the VA Hospital scandals.

My question would be this:

Was that a bill to build 27 MORE facilities that would kill veterans? Are those the ones they’re referring to?

How about fixing the friggin’ problem FIRST before making more of the same crap that gets our cherished veterans killed? Hmmm? ANSWER: It’ll never get fixed because everything…LITERALLY EVERYTHING the government touches turns to crap; that goes TRIPLE for healthcare.

I’ve seen first-hand the fact that the only way things get done in VA hospitals is when the VFW and volunteer veterans who know the “system” force the issue…such was the case of my father and his cancer treatment. The VA would’ve let him die unless the VFW volunteers hadn’t stepped in. Thank God for the VFW. And this just isn’t Obama…This goes back to the Civil War for Christ’s sake! The history of how we treat our vets is well-fricken-established in the ANALs [sic] of our history.

Do you to SERIOUSLY want to fix this problem? Then here’s the answer…

  • Impeach and then throw into jail for 10 years (no parole):
    • The current and all living US Presidents
    • All living former VA secretaries
    • Current VA secretary Eric K. Shinseki and every one of his:
      • Hospital administrators
        • Every one of their mid-managers
    • Ensure they’re all in maximum security, general population
    • Ensure they’re evenly distributed in our prisons with the highest sexual assault rates
  • Fire every remaining employee of the VA and let them get a real job in the private market instead of sucking on the government teat
  • Sell off all VA property
  • Decommission the VA and establish law that will prevent it’s reestablishment or any likeness thereof in the future
  • Take the money you’re spending on the VA and give that money in a tax-free medical savings account to every veteran to spend.
    • Allow the unused portion to roll-over into the next years without limit for their lifetime.
    • The balance of what is left after they pass away is given in a no-upper-limit, tax-free lump sum to the veteran’s family
  • Then let the vets find REAL doctors at REAL hospitals instead of the POS VA

I’m going to splash my face with cold water now.  B$


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