Gwyneth Paltrow: The Most Beautiful USEFUL IDIOT in the World

I make no qualifications that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most beautiful women on the planet IMHO.

However, I would think that with all the exercise and healthy eating the Gwyneth does, that the oxygen in her brain would be at the saturation point.

This may not be the case. Or, if she DOES have plenty of O2 in her brain, she is at best a mal-educated, misinformed, and intellectually retarded human being. She is a Useful Idiot. The one thing she does have that I put in the plus column is loyalty. She would’ve made a great Eva Braun or Evita Peron …in real life, not in the movies.

Loyalty is a good thing…

…until it is taken beyond the bounds of reason


And this very short article proves it that she is a Useful Idiot beyond all doubt and reason. Were she alive back in the heyday of the Soviet Union, she would have been right there with Vlad, gushing and excusing-away every terrible thing that he did…just as she does with our beloved leader. Geez…must be nice to be so talented in the imaginative arts and yet ignorant of the REAL world around you. I would suggest she go back to college but that would just reinforce her current stupidity. B$


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