Mr. Obama, just because your commie mother didn’t love you, it doesn’t logically follow that mothers who actually DO love their children by staying home and nurturing them into good, decent human beings should do likewise. That’s your flawed logic.

Mr. Obama, a lot of socialists like yourself and the mal-educated American voting public have no concept of unintended consequences and/or the economic externalities of what you’re suggesting. Without stay-at-home mothers, a majority of children would grow up like you: destructive, selfish, egotistical, ideologues hell-bent on telling others how to live their lives. That’s your flawed perception.

And finally, Mr. O. By claiming that being a stay-at-home mother is not a choice we Americans want to make, you reveal your flawed morality. As Americans — specifically those bound together by our culture and our Constitution — one American has no moral ground to tell (or even suggest) to others how to live their lives. Suggesting life choices is reserved specifically for the members a family…something you had a very mutated & warped experience with, sir.

You forget yourself & your place,

Mr. President

You’re in office to run the government, not to tell us what to do, sir. In your tiny little mind, you may want to be the next Lenin or Stalin but you’re not. And I promise you, no one here is going to allow you to do that …ever. So, it’s time for you to STFU and sit out the remainder of your lame duck presidency. (which officially begins next Tuesday, BTW). @whitehouse


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