Why do you trust these people?

I’m not going to address specific lies or liars in this rant. Let’s set aside the partisan BS for just a few minutes and talk honestly about choices. Choices like to whom you hand over the reins of power. The choices you make to further your goals and the goals of the country and your fellow countrymen & women.

A long time ago in a childhood far-far away, I found myself telling a lie to a friend’s mother. This mother happened to be a very principled Jewish woman and when she found out I had lied to her, I was never allowed in her house again. Lying is a sin in a Jewish household and this woman had no tolerance for it.

This is a lesson I take with me to this day. Not that I’ve always told the truth since then but that I was taught by this woman a lesson my own parents failed to teach me: There are consequences to the choices you make in life.

What is a lie if not the act of manipulating people to further your own agenda?


With a few failures here & there to reinforce this lesson, I find myself becoming more and more truthful in all interactions. Sometimes painfully so, as my manager at work will attest.

So…this is where I am in my life: caring increasingly about things in this world beyond my selfish needs and being more and more honest with other people. Since then, I’ve learned that being honest with other people has the weird consequence of being more honest with yourself. You start to believe in yourself, which you must to do before you die; lest your time here is rendered meaningless.

And now to the point: Why do YOU tolerate it when people lie to you? Why do you ignore when people lie to manipulate you and your reactions to things?

Now, these may be lies that support your beliefs. But, please stop and think:

If lies are needed to support a belief, then is that belief based on anything real?


In the Middle-Eastern Muslim world – a world where I spent a good amount of my younger days – a lie is a means to an end, that end being Islam. I saw the lying first-hand. I see it today when you hear a representative from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia…name any of them…they tell us what we want to hear on our media then go home and tell the TRUTH on their media. Thanks to the existence of the Internet and organizations like MEMRI-TV, they can no longer hide these things easily. A lot of these liars appear to be either too stupid to clock this fact or they simply don’t care because the majority of infidels appear to them as sheep.

In United States politics – a world I have spent my entire life analyzing – goes by those same rules. Only, politicians lie to obtain and keep a hold on power; power being the official religion of politics. It makes one think that our politicians have a similar idea that their constituents are sheep to be herded in a particular direction.

Are these ‘sheep herders’ evil or just clever communicators? I leave you to decide that


I just want to end here by asking you some important questions. Don’t send me the answers…the answers are for you:

  • Why do you take what any politician says at face value?
  • Why do you believe the anchors on the any of the news outlets when they repeat those lies?
  • What are the factual foundations of your beliefs?
  • Do you support your belief with the lies of those who appear to agree with you?
  • Are you a thinking person with feelings and thoughts that originate in your own head or – upon analysis – are you a drone?




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