Bill Whittle on Mental Illness

Bill Whittle on Mental Illness


Dan Hannan: Socialism Does Not Work

This man sets my brain on fire. But more telling than his piercing knowledge and breathtaking oratory, notice how the woman who argues with him 2/3rds of the way through his talk tries to disassemble his arguments by parsing definitions that were the basis for the debate in the first place. This is a common tactic for those who have no defense for their arguments.

Watch and learn:

Surprise! NOT: McAuliffe Wins in VA #tgdn #tcot @GOP @SpeakerBoehner

So that liberal ass Terry McAuliffe wins in VA because:

  1. Exit polling was rigged.
  2. La Raza (the Hispanic equivalent to the KKK) turned out because they need the votes for Amnesty…ahem…I mean Immigration Reform legislation.
  3. The Obama campaign machine funds a “Libertarian” candidate to leech-off about 6% of the vote.
  4. And the national GOP abandoned Cuccinelli, even though he was close and this was a ‘must win’.  When I say a ‘must win’, I mean to conservatives, libertarians and classic liberals…not the Republican Party.

Are you getting it yet?  The GOP IS OVER & needs to be ABANDONED just like it abandoned it’s own candidate!  B$

Intellectual Froglegs: The Unicorn Poacher (S2E14) #tgdn #tcot @joedanmedia #obamacare

Peace Out, Brother…unless your a Lefty.

In the latest IFL, Joe Dan Disassembles:

  • Obamacare
  • Kathleen “The Obamacare Pimp” Sebelius
  • Nancy “The Obamacare Ho” Pelosi
  • The Republican “Do Nothing” Party
  • …and much, much more you liberal bitchachos![tm]

And he does that with humor, grace and with the coolest EFFing music on the planet.

After watching The Unicorn Poacher, please go here and give Joe Dan some of your hard-earned cash…IF…and ONLY IF…you received anything of value for watching it.  B$

The Blaze: What If Obamacare Was Never About Our Health? #tgdn #tcot #obamacare @theblaze

So…What if Obamacare was never about our health?  Well…SURPRISE!!! it was NEVER about our health.  It is about two things:

  1. The nationalization of one of our industries that is about 1/6th of our economy.
  2. Filling the voter roles with illegals and the weak-minded that will vote Socialist Democrat.

In the link to The Blaze article, you’ll find a lot of good evidence about the voter stuffing through the state exchanges mechanism of Obamacare.

Enjoy getting as pissed off as I am right now.  Hope you have your ‘chill pills’ handy.  B$

Bill Whittle: Cookie Cutter Curriculum #tgdn #tcot @billwhittle

Here’s the link for this video at Bill Whittle Dot Com.  If you find any value in this and the other knowledge and tools at Bill Whittle Dot Com, become a member.

Here’s the link Bill asks you to ‘Google’:

Bullitt County School Test 1912

Bill Whittle: Cookie Cutter Curriculum #tgdn #tcot @billwhittle

Bill Whittle: Cookie Cutter Curriculum #tgdn #tcot @billwhittle

Bill Whittle, the sharp-witted, debonair man-about-L.A. has just launched Bill Whittle Dot Com.  I didn’t even hesitate: I became a member as soon as I caught wind of it.  Bill provides those who follow his products with the knowledge and the tools to fight back against those who would be our masters.  Cookie Cutter Curriculum is the script to his next upcoming Afterburner, the video of which will be out Thursday.  Enjoy.  B$